New Hydropower and Wind Power Plants in Turkey

28.03.2011Kahramannmaras, Turkey

VERBUND joint venture Enerjisa opens Canakkale wind farm and Hacininoglu hydropower plant.

In the presence of Prime Minister Erdogan, the Turkish VERBUND-Sabanci joint venture, Enerjisa, today opened the first of ten large hydropower plants that are currently under construction. Canakkale (30MW), the joint venture’s first wind farm, began operations a few weeks ago. Enerjisa has set itself the goal of commissioning 5,000 MW of production capacity by 2015 and, therewith, attaining a market share of 10% in Turkey. There are currently a further nine hydropower plants under construction. Furthermore, Enerjisa recently acquired licences for an additional 560 MW of hydropower and 145 MW of wind power.

The Hacininoglu hydropower plant (142 MW; the Freudenau power plant has an installed capacity of 172 MW), which was opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan today, lies on River Ceyhan in the Maras province, southern Turkey. It is a run-of-river power plant situated upstream from a further three hydropower plants that are currently in construction. Sarigüzel (214 MW, commissioning in 2012) and Kandil (103 MW, commissioning in 2012) are reservoir power plants; Dagdelen (8 MW, commissioning in 2011) is a further run-of-river power plant. The Hacininoglu power plant was constructed with a total investment sum of 120 million Euro and will supply 372 GWh of hydropower electricity per year.

Enerjisa will rapidly further increase the installed capacity’s share of renewable energies from the current amount of approx. 1,400 MW. It is intended that 36% of the production mix originate from hydropower and 6% from new renewable energy sources. Together with those wind farms that are projected and currently under construction, the company already achieves a capacity of some 214 MW; the hydropower plants currently under construction have a total capacity of approx. 1,250 MW.

Enerjisa has hitherto invested a total of 2.4 billion Euro, the VERBUND share of which is 800 million Euro so far. A further 400 million Euro are envisaged in order to achieve the target of 5,000 MW by 2015. 2009 saw Enerjisa taking over the distribution grid for the Ankara region, with its 3.2 million customers. In autumn 2010, Bandirma, the first major gas-fired power plant, joined the grid and increased the company’s installed capacity from 455 MW to 1,380 MW.


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