Newly Constituted VERBUND Supervisory Board with New Members


Peter Layr and Gabriele Payr succeed Burkhard Hofer and Maximilian Eiselsberg.

At the 64th General Meeting of VERBUND AG, on 13 April 2011, on the occasion of the partial new election of the Supervisory Board, two new members were appointed. The new members of the board are Peter Layr (EVN AG) and Gabriele Payr (Wiener Stadtwerke). They succeed the long-standing board members Burkhard Hofer and Maximilian Eiselsberg who have resigned as members of the Supervisory Board at their own request. The total number of shareholders’ representatives remains stable at ten persons.

During the constituting meeting of the Supervisory Board that was held after the General Meeting, Gilbert Frizberg in his function as Chairman of the Supervisory Board was confirmed by election. Peter Püspök was appointed 1st Vice Chairman of the Board and Reinhold Süßenbacher was appointed 2nd Vice Chairman of the Board. The election was unanimous. The shareholders' representatives on the Supervisory Board will stay appointed until 2015.

Shareholders' Representatives on VERBUND Supervisory Board
Gilbert Frizberg, Chairman
Peter Püspök, 1st Vice Chairman
Reinhold Süßenbacher, 2nd Vice Chairman

Alfred Heinzel
Harald Kaszanits
Herbert Kaufmann
Peter Layr
Gabriele Payr
Christa Wagner
Siegfried Wolf