VERBUND in the Leading Group of the Most Attractive Electricity Suppliers for Private Customers


VERBUND promotes relevant and consumer-friendly comparisons based upon absolute electricity costs

The representation as a percentage used by the Austrian Chamber of Labour has no relevance for consumers. In fact, VERBUND has always been one of Austria’s most competitively priced electricity suppliers for private customers– as is shown by a glance at the E-Control tariff calculator.

According to a press release issued by the Austrian Chamber of Labour, VERBUND has increased the price of electricity by 21.7% since July 2008. However, this statement is misleading for consumers since it is based upon a randomly selected period and completely ignores the fact that the price increase originates from a very low level. What is relevant for customers is not the percentage increase, but solely the price to be paid. It is here that VERBUND is always to be found in the leading group of the most attractive electricity suppliers for private customers. Furthermore, household customers not only receive favourable prices from VERBUND, but also environmentally friendly electricity generated from 100% Austrian hydropower.

According to the E-Control tariff calculator, which offers consumers an objective and transparent price comparison, an average household customer - with an annual electricity consumption of 4.000 kWh - definitely makes a considerable saving with VERBUND. If a comparison is made of the VERBUND offering in the three most densely inhabited provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria with those of the respective established local suppliers, the saving may be presented as follows:

Annual savings with VERBUND

Federal province New customer with one month free Existing customer 
Upper Austria  € 82
€ 54
Vienna € 73 € 44
Lower Austria € 71 € 42

In September 2010, the electricity supplier comparison conducted by the consumer information association VKI (magazine "Consumer", October 2010) confirmed that VERBUND was the best electricity supplier, attaining 86 out of 100 points and the classification "Very Good". At the same time, the evaluation primarily focused on the willingness and the quality of service demonstrated in assisting customers changing electricity suppliers.