VERBUND awards women's scholarship for the fourth time


Three female students of engineering receive a tailor-made scholarship in the value of EUR 5,000 each

Within the framework of the TU Job Fair TUday12, Georg Westphal, Regional Manager for Strategic Personnel Management, yesterday awarded the VERBUND Lady's Scholarship to three excellent students at TU Vienna. The winners can look forward to tailored support for their careers over one academic year.

Speaking on VERBUND's commitment in this area Georg Westphal explains: "Excellent achievements result from a combination of various talents. We firmly believe that women are extremely valuable for a company. Women, however, are still underrepresented, particularly in the technical area. We firmly believe that talented women should be supported in a targeted manner. It is important that we attract more qualified women - above all, technicians - to our company. VERBUND therefore actively supports the training of women in technical vocations and has awarded the VERBUND Lady's Scholarship at the Technical University of Vienna since 2009. Today, we are once again pleased to support three versatile and highly committed students for one academic year."

Helene Czanba, Managing Director of the TU Career Center is convinced: "If we wish to meet the urgent industrial demand for qualified technicians, then it is high time that we raise enthusiasm among women for technical vocations. In addition to the technical universities, companies must also play an active role here. The VERBUND Lady's Scholarship has, in cooperation with TU Career Center, now been awarded for the fourth time. Three talented students from the Technical University of Vienna, who live their fascination for technology and therefore serve as a model for many women currently in the process of choosing a course of studies or a career, will be individually supported with this scholarship. Measures such as this are an important signal from the economy and I hope that many other companies will follow the commitment shown by VERBUND so that we have a chance to improve the situation."

The winners of the VERBUND Scholarships


The three winners convinced with their academic achievements, practical and international experience and a high level of social competence. The proud winners of the VERBUND Lady's Scholarship are first year student Nadine Wieser, master's degree student Stefanie Pyka and PhD student Elke Moser.

The bachelor's degree student, Nadine Wieser from Hollabrunn, is currently studying civil engineering and infrastructure management at the Technical University of Vienna. She is fascinated by the multifaceted nature of the career. "Later I will be able to take part in all construction phases, from construction planning right through to execution and supervision." She will use the scholarship to further her professional, personal and language skills.

Stefanie Pyka from Innsbruck, currently studying for a master's degree in electrical engineering, opted for a course of studies at the technical university of Vienna on completion of her AHS studies as she wished to gain a deeper understanding of the correlations and functions in the field of technology. "The Lady's Scholarship is an excellent initiative to show female students that they can also be successful in a technical career, provided they do not lose heart." Pyka, commenting on why she applied for the scholarship: "I personally see the VERBUND Scholarship as an opportunity to develop my own personality so that I will also be successful in my professional life".

Elke Moser from Ansfelden, currently studying for a PhD in technical mathematics at the Institute of Mathematical Methods in Economics, wishes to enhance her skills in specialized areas and broaden her scientific horizon: "International conferences and relevant workshops and seminars are an ideal platform for scientific exchange. These, however, often require a large financial outlay and I now hope that the VERBUND Lady's Scholarship will make it possible for me to participate in such events."

Comprehensive, multi-stage selection process


Approximately 30 highly-qualified students from the Technical University of Vienna applied for the VERBUND Lady's Scholarship. Each of the applicants participated in a telephone interview and some of the participants were invited to a hearing. In the course of the hearing, the three winners had to convince a distinguished jury comprising HR experts and top executives from VERBUND as well as experts from TU Career Center within the framework of presentations and team exercises.

Tailored career planning


The HR experts from VERBUND, TU Career Center and the three winners of the scholarship will now develop a tailor-made training package. This will include selected conferences and seminars on personality development. In addition, material expenses, e.g. for specialized books or travel expenses will be reimbursed and each of the winners will receive a semester ticket for public transport. 


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