Customers become self-sufficient in electricity


VERBUND is the first Austrian electricity company to offer its private customers a “photovoltaic plus storage” package and thereby make them self-sufficient in electricity to the greatest extent

With the solar power package PLUS, VERBUND is the first Austrian electricity company to bring a complete offer for photovoltaics and storage onto the market. Photovoltaic systems will thereby be used more efficiently and customers will become more independent in terms of power supply. In addition, VERBUND is offering a bonus of 500 euro to the first one hundred customers.

Decentralised electricity storage units transform photovoltaic systems into the ideal private power suppliers. Solar power is usually generated at times of relatively low consumption, since it is often the case that nobody is at home during the day. Through the use of interim storage units within the home, the excess photovoltaic electricity is "stored temporarily". Only when the battery storage unit is full does the electricity flow directly into the grid and is reimbursed. The electricity stored in the battery is the reserve, which is also available in the evening and during the night, when the photovoltaic system is currently not producing any electricity. As a result, the use of self-produced electricity can be doubled from 30 percent to approx. 60 percent and the ongoing electricity costs sink significantly. Customers using VERBUND’s innovative solar power package PLUS will be even more independent – both in terms of the hours of sunshine and also the electricity price.

Complete package and simple installation
The innovative technology enters the house as a complete package. Rapid and simple planning, installation and start-up are guaranteed thanks to close cooperation with regional specialist companies. VERBUND customers receive their personal "solar power plant" comfortably and securely from one source.

As Austria’s leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of hydropower in Europe, VERBUND is setting the tone in the production of electricity from renewable sources. Thus, for several years VERBUND has thus been supporting its customers with attractive offers in the area of photovoltaics. With the new offer, VERBUND is taking a further innovative step towards decentralised storage solutions combined with decentralised electricity production. "Private households harbour a large efficiency potential in customer production and storage of electricity. Personal needs can be better covered and the public grid subject to less strain or used more efficiently, as the case may be. In this way, all market participants benefit," stressed Karl Gollegger, managing director of VERBUND Sales GmbH. 

Further details on VERBUND’s solar power package PLUS can be found under: (German only).

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