Breaking of the Ground for LIFE+ Traisen Project


With partners and assistance from the EU, VERBUND is investing approx. 26.5 million euros here in a unique, ecological upgrade of the riparian landscape. The mouth of the Traisen in the area of the Danube power plant Altenwörth is being turned from a straightened river into an ecologically diverse riparian landscape.

The Traisen currently runs in a regulated bed, which doesn’t give the river any possibility to expand and which becomes further entrenched year in and year out. In the coming 6 years, specialists will enhance the course of the river and landscape it with meanders, shallow water zones and pools - in accordance with a detailed plan. "A total of some 26.5 million euro will be invested here in a unique ecological upgrade and we are delighted to have been able to win over partners from the EU, Bund and the federal province of Lower Austria," said Michael Amerer, board member of VERBUND Hydro Power AG. With 12 million euro, VERBUND is carrying the majority of the costs. The EU is largely promoting the project through financing from the LIFE+Nature-and-Biodiversity Fund. The remaining costs will be carried by the project partners, such as the Lower Austrian Fishery Association, the Lower Austrian Landscape Funds, via donau, as well as the Federal Water Engineering Administration.

A habitat for man and nature
"The goal of the LIFE+ Traisen project is the recovery of a diverse wetlands area, which can be left to its own resources and the natural cycle," outlined Karl Heinz Gruber, board member of VERBUND Hydro Power AG. "The project complements our longstanding, successful practice of constructing and operating our power plants in harmony with nature."

A total of 30% of the contact surface of VERBUND hydropower plants has subsequently been designated for environmental conservation. It is not only nature that benefits from the ecological diversity of the Traisen, but also the neighbouring municipalities, fishermen and tourists.  

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Spokesperson Region East

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