Electric Mobility Times Two

26.08.2013Bruck an der Leitha

The electric mobility project VIBRATe will be guest participants at the 3rd Brucker Akkuschrauberrennen (rechargeable screwdriver race)

The local initiative www.bruckelektrisiert.at is organizing, for the third time already, a battery-charged screwdriver race at the Hauptplatz square in Bruck an der Leitha on 31 August. The teams face the task of building a vehicle powered by 2 battery-charged screwdrivers. No limits are placed on creativity.
The goal is, along with having a great deal of fun, to concentrate on the issue of e-mobility in an enjoyable way. Within the framework of the e-mobility race (e-cars, e-bikes etc.) each year people are additionally offered the chance to have a go and try things out.

In this context, the e-mobility project VIBRATe will be presented this year and spectators are invited to learn more about electromobility, which is transcending borders.

VIBRATe VIenna BRATislava E-mobility, the cross-border electromobility project, has been tying Vienna and Bratislava closer together since 2011. Through the cooperative work of the consortium of Austrian and Slovakian Companies, e-mobility will be carried out in the Twin-City region of Bratislava-Vienna for the first time. Since the beginning of 2012, 20 public institutions and private companies have been making use of the "green motorway" in the Twin-City electromobility region in an energy efficient and emission-free manner.

The VIBRATe project as well as the "electrify Bruck" initiative are being led by VERBUND. Come and have a look- and should you feel up for a race, then there are still available spots free. All information can be found at: www.bruckelektrisiert.at.

Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

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