SMATRICS - The Electromobility Future for Austria


The infrastructure provider E-Mobility Provider Austria is introducing a new label=

E-Mobility Provider Austria, a joint venture between VERBUND and SIEMENS Austria, today introduced the new company brand SMATRICS to the general public. In the presence of company director Michael Viktor Fischer and shareholder representatives Wolfgang Anzengruber, VERBUND CEO, and Wolfgang Hesoun, director-general of SIEMENS Austria, the general conditions of electric mobility, the business model and future implementation steps were presented.

SMATRICS is the first provider to establish a pan-Austrian infrastructure for charging electrically powered vehicles with electricity from 100% hydropower. In this way a nationwide utilisation of electric vehicles is being made possible and charging in future turned into a matter of utmost normality for users of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

"Electrically powered driving is the not-too-distant future. In the coming years, the automobile industry is going to bring out more and more electrically chargeable vehicles, since it is only in this way that they are able to fulfil the strict fuel consumption regulations (95 g CO2 in accordance with the EU regulation). By means of pioneers, such as Holland and Norway, it is already apparent that electric mobility is now a reality today," said SMATRICS boss Michael Viktor Fischer.

With its brand identity and the application of the most innovative technology, SMATRICS represents forward-looking mobility, service proximity and a modern lifestyle. Over the course of the next few years, SMATRICS is going to attain a pan-Austrian supply with a charging infrastructure that will then be concentrated in metropolitan areas and arterial routes.

The product offer ranges from public and private charging stations right through to their installation and maintenance, a mobile app with charging station finder, status display and route planner and further services such as 24-hour customer hotline and breakdown service. Planning with full cost transparency is created through simple and flexible tariff systems with basic monthly rates at introductory prices starting from 9.90 euro.

"In our capacity as Austria’s leading electricity company we have already been promoting the subject of electric mobility for years," said VERBUND CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber. "There now follows a very concrete step of putting it into practice: By means of SMATRICS we are bringing electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower onto the roads."

"Following on from joint R&D activities in the electric mobility area and the founding of E-Mobility Provider Austria, with today’s brand launch, we – together with VERBUND - are today taking the next step towards a nationwide offer for an ever greater use of electric vehicles in Austria. SIEMENS and VERBUND, two of Austria’s leading technology companies, have put the necessary general conditions in place for bringing the Provider onto the road. SMATRICS will now successfully expand the market positioning by means of a holistic approach and a strong customer service," stressed the director-general of SIEMENS Austria, Wolfgang Hesoun.

Following the press conference, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from diverse automobile manufacturers were available to the participants for test drives.