Salon Strom (electricity salon): a new digital infotainment platform from VERBUND, created by TBWA\


VERBUND invites you to the "Salon Strom" (electricity salon), an online infotainment format which deals with the subject of electricity in a playful manner. Both the stars of the VERBUND campaign, Stermann & Grissemann play the role of presenters here too, give electricity-saving tips, imitate electrical appliances and talk to illustrious guests about electricity and the world. is going online as of 15 October: The series of interviews will begin in very witty fashion with mathematician, Professor Rudolf Taschner, about the basic principles of energy. On the interactive platform, which was devised by the advertising agency TBWA\, there are also: funny video clips about the energy transition, info about energy saving and how easy it is to switch energy provider, links to the VERBUND electricity school, info on how to use appliances, a power plant finder as well as all TV adverts of course, and quizzes. "Salon Strom" links all digital information from VERBUND, including the app-version of the VERBUND magazine FLOW, the FLOW blog and all social media channels.

"We constantly provide Salon Strom with new content: new guests, new competitions, new video clips, in order to keep the dialogue about electricity going. Salon Strom is an important component of the current VERBUND campaign "Danke, Wasserkraft!" (Thank you hydropower!). Here, topics broached in our TV commercial, in our adverts and banners are summed up" says Irene Sagmeister, Managing Director of TBWA\, regarding the comprehensive online project.

"These days we spend our lives online. If we want to find out about subjects such as electricity prices, clean energy, the energy transition or e-mobility, we tend to do it increasingly on the internet." Says Beate McGinn, Head of Communications at VERBUND: "On the digital infotainment platform Salon Strom with Stermann & Grissemann, this is made practical and easy and it's also fun".

Salon Strom combines knowledge, information, services and entertainment in one format: "A lot of what we do on Facebook, in our FLOW magazine and on our blog or on Flickr converge here within a new framework and constantly offer something new" says Heinrich Schmid from VERBUND advertising, overjoyed.

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Employer: VERBUND
Head of Communications: Beate McGinn
Advertising: Heinrich Schmid
Agency: TBWA\
Managing Director: Mag. Irene Sagmeister
ECD: Mag. Gerda Reichl-Schebesta
ED: Iliana Gehart
CD: Mag. Bernhard Grafl
AD: Maik Wollrab
Text: Christina Niederdorfer
Programming: Screenagers, Stefan Rasch, Daniel Wolf
Videos: Deniz Arslan

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