Adhoc: VERBUND results for quarters 1–3/2013: Positive income trend despite difficult market environment


VERBUND’s key figures were as follows in quarters 1–3/2013

Income performed positively in the first 9 months of 2013 against the backdrop of a difficult market environment. The operating business was driven by the good water supply in quarters 1–3/2013. The hydro coefficient was 1.04, 4.0% above the long-term average but 3 percentage points below the previous year’s figure. Newly acquired power plant interests in Germany (+1,063 GWh) and higher generation of annual storage and pumped storage power plants (+187 GWh, or +5.4%) accounted for most of the year-on-year increase in hydropower generation of 680 GWh. Generation from wind power rose by 196 GWh to 351 GWh due to the commissioning of installations in Romania and Germany. However, generation from thermal power plants decreased by 282 GWh owing to market conditions. Overall, VERBUND’s own generation in quarters 1–3/2013 was 594 GWh higher than in quarters 1–3/2012. However, the overall decline in wholesale electricity prices and the continuing difficult economic climate for gas power plants put a strain on business operations. 

EBITDA improved by €158.3m year-on-year to €1,094.3m. The income trend was also influenced by significant non-recurring effects. Successful completion of the asset swap with German utility E.ON had a positive effect, while impairment losses resulting from impairment tests – particularly in the area of gas power plants – had a negative effect. Taking into account all non-recurring effects plus additional negative results from Sorgenia in Italy, the Group result nonetheless increased by €177.7m to €510.4m. 

Based on our updated income trend, we now expect EBITDA for financial year 2013 to be higher than originally forecast at approximately €1,250m. The Group result is expected to amount to around €600m. The forecast is based on a hydro coefficient of 1.03. We plan to distribute a dividend of €1 per share for financial year 2013.

Key figures Unit Q1–3/2012 Q1–3/2013 Change in %
Revenue €m 2,294.0 2,409.2 5.0
EBITDA €m 936.0 1,094.3 16.9
Operating result €m 679.5 113.4 -83.3
Group result €m 332.8 510.4 53.4
Earnings per share 0.96 1.47 53.4
EBIT margin % 29.6 4.7
EBITDA margin % 40.8 45.4
Cash flow from operating activities €m 583.3 670.2 14.9
Free cash flow €m 107.7 500.5 364.7
Gearing % 82.5 69.9


Andreas Wollein Andreas Wollein

Head of Group Finance and Investor Relations

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