VERBUND celebrates the 300,000th household customers


The successful offer to switch will be extended

  • The lowering of electricity prices and the advertising campaign reveal their impact: roughly 35,000 private household customers have switched to VERBUND from 1 September to mid-December 2013.
  • VERBUND celebrates its 300,000th private household customer: Thomas Hörler from Petronell-Carnuntum, who is happy to have won one year of free electricity as well as an e-bike.
  • Altogether, currently around 300,000 households are being supplied with "VERBUND H2Ö electricity" from 100% Austrian hydropower.
  • Due to its huge success, the attractive offer of switching supplier and getting 4 months free electricity will be extended to 31 January 2014.

As the first electricity provider in Austria, VERBUND lowered the energy prices for private households on 1 September, to be able to further offer the lower wholesale electricity price. An average private household which consumes around 3,500 kWh of electricity saves around 10% thanks to this. The lowering of the price applies just to the energy costs, not including network costs, taxes and duties. The offer is valid for all existing customers as well as new customers. VERBUND is extending its attractive offer of free electricity for 4 months for those who switch to VERBUND, until 31 January 2014.

VERBUND H2Ö Products

The nine VERBUND products: H2Ö-online and H2Ö-Klassik are made up of an electricity price of 7.50 cents per kWh and a basic charge of 1.80 euros per month on the online tariff and 2.50 euros per month on the Klassik tariff for customers, who prefer to communicate via post (all prices include VAT).

Advertising campaign with the public's favourites

At the same time as the electricity price decrease, VERBUND started an Austria-wide multimedia campaign in September 2013. In it, the public's favourites Stermann & Grissemann advertise electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower and in an entertaining way explain how easy it is to switch electricity provider.

35,000 new customers between September and mid-December 2013-12-16

The electricity price decrease given by VERBUND last September as well as the popular advertising campaign have proven their effectiveness. "We're pleased with our more than 35,000 new customers who have switched over to VERBUND in the last three and a half months since the price decrease!" says Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO at VERBUND. "One can see that the customer's interest in attractive VERBUND green electricity offers is increasing. Due to this reason, we're extending our offer to switch to us and receive 4 months free electricity till the end of January 2014!".

The 300,000th VERBUND private customer

"We want electricity from Austrian hydropower for our new ecological passive house!" says engineer Thomas Hörler from Petronell-Carnuntum. "This and the lowering of electricity prices in autumn were the decisive reasons for switching electricity provider." The timing was perfect: Mr. Hörler was exactly the 300,000th VERBUND private customer, according to our count. To say thank you, the fortunate winner was awarded a voucher for 1 year's free electricity as well as an e-bike. "I love bike-riding. I will be using me e-bike for my future bike tours across the Carpathian Basin!". The electricity for this comes 100% from Austrian hydropower.

H2Ö-electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower

More and more customers find it important to know where their electricity comes from. As the leading hydropower company, to VERBUND this is an advantage. With 125 TÜV certified hydropower plants, VERBUND generates environmentally friendly electricity from 100% pure hydropower from Austria. With the H2Ö products from VERBUND, private customers can be sure that they are using electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower and that in this way they are making a significant contribution to climate protection.

Switching made easy

The switch to VERBUND as your new electricity provider is quick and easy. For more information please visit: or phone 0800 210 210, Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm, free of charge in all of Austria.

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