VERBUND-H2Ö-Electricity: Top Electricity Offer for New Customers


For years VERBUND has been very successful in the competition for household customers. Most recently the market was mobilised through a 10% decrease in electricity prices on average. Also the campaign "Energy costs- stop" from the association of consumer information ensured an increase in competition and is welcomed by VERBUND. The current VERBUND new customer tariff, including 4 months free electricity is still considerably under the offer of the campaign "Energy costs- stop" when it comes to comparative electricity consumption.

Since the lowering of the prices on 1 September 2013, more than 35,000 new customers have switched to VERBUND. VERBUND currently supplies over 300,000 households and commercial customers with electricity. Due to the large demand, VERBUND has extended its attractive offer to switch to them and receive 4 months free electricity without a minimal contractual period until 31 January 2014. With both VERBUND products H2Ö-online and H2Ö-Klassik, VERBUND is offering a great deal for all household customers who value a great price for sustainable electricity from Austrian hydropower.

The VERBUND H2Ö-deal offers attractive rewards

Top deal with 4 months free electricity for new customers
No minimum contractual period
Electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower
Personal customer care (up to you whether it be via post or online)
A clear total bill for the use of the grid and for energy
Free hotline in the whole of Austria

Switching made easy

Making VERBUND your new electricity provider is quick and easy. For more information please visit or contact us by telephone on the following hotline , Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 8pm, free of charge in all of Austria.

About H2Ö electricity

It is becoming important for more and more customers to know where their electricity comes from. This is definitely an advantage for VERBUND as the leading supplier of hydropower. With 125 TÜV-Süd certified hydropower plants, VERBUND generates environmentally-friendly electricity from 100% clean hydropower from Austria. With the H2Ö products from VERBUND, private customers can be sure that the electricity they use comes from 100% Austrian hydropower and that in this way they are making an important contribution to climate protection.
Ingun Metelko Ingun Metelko

Company Spokesperson

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