Inauguration of the First Cycling Tunnel on the Danube Cycling Path


The construction stage of Austria's largest renaturation project LIFE+ Traisen is totally up and running. The new route diversion in the area around the Altenwörth power plant guarantees safety on the adjoining Danube cycling path. The first "cycling tunnel" was put into use today.

The mayors Hermann Kühtreiber (Zwentendorf), Christoph Madl (Managing Director of Niederösterreich Werbung) and Sylvia Gleitsmann (cycle coordinator of Niederösterreich Werbung) have along with project manager Helmut Wimmer and maintenance engineer Peter Hegny (both of VERBUND) today conferred the right to circulation on the first bicycle tunnel on the Danube bicycle path. This simple and safe route diversion allows the renaturation project LIFE+ Traisen to use the international Danube cycling path without disruption despite intensive construction work.

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Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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