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29.01.2014Töging am Inn

Expansion and efficiency increase at the Inn power plant of Jettenbach/Töging

VERBUND, one of the leading electricity producers from hydropower in Europe and number 1 in hydropower in Austria and Bavaria, has been operating the hydropower plant in Töging am Inn since August 2009. The hydropower plant, which is by now 90 years old, offers a considerable potential in efficiency increase. For this reason, a project plan for possible efficiency measures for the Töging hydropower plant was devised and intense negotiations were undertaken with both state ministries (environment and finance ministries) concerning legal and financial general conditions. On 29 January 2014 the budget committee of the Bavarian state parliament gave its consent.

VERBUND will invest in the plant facilities of the Töging power plant while at the same time conserving the historically valuable facilities in their entirety and in the optimising of the Jettenbach area.

A further step in the project plans is compiling concrete application documents for the required water legislation process, taking into account the interests of the agencies for the protection of the environment and historical monuments, in which the public also takes part. With the Töging project, numerous measures for ecological improvement in the area of the diversion channel should also be implemented.

The measures for efficiency in Jetterbach and Töging represent an important economic stimulus for the entire region, especially for the municipality of Mühldorf and Altötting. The project would be quickly feasible and could make a considerable contribution to the increase in hydropower for the energy transition in Bavaria, which the Bavarian state parliament so wishes to achieve. The planned project corresponds to the goals of the Bavarian state parliament as well as VERBUND's strategy to invest in the efficiency increase of the existing hydropower plants in the main regions of Austria/Germany. It's a win-win situation for the energy transition, for ecology and the region.


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