VERBUND-H2Ö-Electricity: Better value for money than the VKI electricity offer


The price comparison confirms it: a Viennese three-person household with an average annual electricity consumption of 4,255 kWh will save 51 euros in the first year if they switch to VERBUND-H2Ö-Strom, compared to the VKI offer. (see picture)

VERBUND has been successfully involved in the competition for household customers for many years. Recently, the market was given a push due to an average 10% electricity price decrease. The offer "Energiekosten-Stop" (energy cost-stop) from the Association for Consumer Information is helping to revive the competition and is being welcomed by VERBUND. The current VERBUND new customer tariff, including 4 months free electricity is actually even cheaper than the deal offered by "Energiekosten-Stop".


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The VERBUND H2Ö offer provides attractive benefits:

- Best deal including 4 months free electricity

 - No minimum contract period

 - Electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower

 - Individual customer service (by post or online, depending on preference)

 - A clear total bill for grid and energy

 - Free hotline in all of Austria

About H2Ö-Strom

It is increasingly important for customers to know where their electricity comes from. As the leading hydropower company, this is great news for VERBUND. With 125 TÜV-Süd certified hydropower plants, VERBUND generates environmentally-friendly electricity from 100% clean hydropower from Austria. Private customers can rest assured that with the H2Ö products von VERBUND, they are using electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower and in this way are making an important contribution to climate protection.


Ingun Metelko Ingun Metelko

Company Spokesperson

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