VERBUND at the E-world 2014 in Essen


VERBUND at E-world, the European trade fair for electricity and gas, in Essen

The major trends of the energy industry are at the centre of the 14th E-world energy & water at the trade fair in Essen. From the 11th until the 13th of February 2014, the European energy business fair is presenting innovative products and services in electricity and gas from the areas concerning production, efficiency, trading, transport, storage, smart energy and green technology.

As Austria's leading electricity company and as one of the largest producers of hydropower in Europe, VERBUND is presenting in hall 3, stand 302 at E-world, tailor-made products and innovative services in the area of the energy industry as well as offers for energy consulting regarding energy efficiency networks. VERBUND has decades of experience in the production, trading and sale of electricity and has also been present in Germany since the year 2000. Among some of their customers are companies such as Volkswagen, BMW or the Deutsche Bahn (German railway) as well as 150 public utilities and distributors in all of Germany.

Green electricity- offer:
H2Ö-Strom, electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower


With 127 hydropower plants and a total production capacity of 7,732 megawatts, VERBUND is number one in hydropower in Austria and Bavaria. VERBUND is also a pioneer in transparency when it comes to the origins of the electricity and has allowed its hydropower plants to be certified by the TÜV SÜD for a number of years now. In this way they prove to their customers that the electricity amounts used by them really have been produced from hydropower. At E-world VERBUND is presenting the comprehensive product range with H2Ö-Premiumstrom (electricity) for industry customers and trading partners.

Innovative Services:
In order to be able to guarantee the stability of electricity supply even during capacity fluctuations, the supply has to be intelligently managed in future: VERBUND additionally has innovative products and services in its programme.

Virtual energy storage
Pumped storage power plants currently provide the best possibility to store large amounts of electricity: in the event of excessive electricity it will be pumped and when required the turbines will be started up in order to generate electricity. Virtual storage offers exactly this market flexibility without the necessity of having to invest in another power plant. Energy is stored temporarily in the outlying, virtual storage area, in order to be accessed once more if necessary. This innovative service offers customers flexible, sustainable energy from the Alps to balance the fluctuations in the requirements. Along with the indicators of its origins, the product range comprises different storage volumes ranging from weekly to yearly storage, so that an exact portfolio management is possible.

Virtual Power Plants
Along with virtual storage, virtual power plants make it further possible to manage energy flexibility. Together with Entelios AG, VERBUND offers demand response management in the form of VERBUND Power Pools. Individual usage and production flexibility ranges are combined and brought to the balancing market. This flexible management of energy consumption offers industry and business customers attractive energy cost reductions as well as additional revenues. Revenues are made just for being ready to react flexibly should the need arise.

Portfolio management
VERBUND has many years of experience when it comes to planning tools to make forecasts, hedging, pricing and risk assessments. With demanding algorithms, price and volume risks of structured products are quantified. middle and large industry sector customers can now access this VERBUND know how and carry out their plans securely and cost-effectively.

Services for wind farms
On its agenda, VERBUND has tailor-made solutions for wind farm operators, for the efficient usage of the electricity products from renewable energy sources. Based on diverse forecasting tools, VERBUND makes wind forecasts for Austria, Germany and Romania available. These learning tools combine past measurements and therefore constantly improve the quality of the forecasting.

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