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VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company is adding the Eco-Wärme package to its product range and in this way making private customers as much as possible climate friendly self-sufficient electricity suppliers.

With the Eco-Wärme Package VERBUND provides environmentally friendly and cost-saving cosy warmth- generated by heat pumps- to homes and in this way extends the climate and cost-saving offers to private home owners. The VERBUND Eco-Package now makes the home into a house of the future: independent, sustainable and low in emissions.

VERBUND offers optimal tailor-made energy solutions, inline with individual requirements. With the combination of photovoltaic facilities plus battery storage with the heat pump, self-generated energy becomes easy, efficient and low in cost. VERBUND coordinates the planning and installation. Customers benefit from the VERBUND-Eco-Kombi Package instantly in the following various ways:

  •  up to 1,000 euros savings on current total energy expenses
  •  decreased tariff of 18 cents/kWh for self-generated electricity
  • 3 years free electricity for the heat pump
  • even more efficient use of the photovoltaic facility
  • improvement of the level of own use of the self-generated electricity
  • no CO2 emissions through the use of electricity generated from one's own photovoltaic facility and furthermore also from 100% hydropower for households and heat pumps from proven technology by OCHSNER heat pumps.

Complete package at home

The innovative technology comes as a complete package to your house. Through the close cooperation with regional specialised companies, quick and easy planning, installation and operation are guaranteed. VERBUND customers receive their personal home of the future comfortably and securely from one source. As one of the largest electricity producers from hydropower in Europe, VERBUND is a leader in the production of energy from renewable sources. With the new Eco-Wärme package VERBUND is taking a further innovative step in the direction of the energy transition, along with more independence and sustainability. "The energy transition can only be a success if everyone takes part and adopts a more sustainable attitude towards energy. That is why we are offering private households simple solutions, which contribute to increasing the efficiency potential in energy production and storage of electricity and heat and is also cost-saving. Private customers will become more independent, the public grid will become more unburdened, the environment more looked after", emphasises VERBUND CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber.

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