UNHEILIG and his music video on the dam is making its way to the charts


VERBUND's high mountain range lakes in Kaprun set the stage for music video for single "As if it were the first time"

The GRAF von UNHEILIG has chosen the high mountain range lake of Kaprun to shoot his video for his new hit. The spectacular connection between nature and technology on the edges of the largest conservation area in the Alps has always been a source of energy, which will now be lending particular energy to the music of UNHEILIG- and which may even lead the GRAF to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

In 2010 and 2012 the GRAF von UNHEILIG stormed the Austrian and German charts and stayed at the top for many weeks. His new track title "As if it were the first time" will be part of his Best-Of album, which will be released in mid-March 2014. At the same time, on 13 March 2014 the GRAF will take part in the preliminary stages of the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest for 2014 with the same song title. The stage for the GRAF's performance in the music video is the high mountain range lakes of Kaprun. This energy source and the spectacular images of the landscape are the stage for the filming and the realization of the lyrics: The height of the mountains and the blue of the sky spirit one away in the world of the GRAF von UNHEILIG. The other parts of the video were also set and filmed in the region of Zell am See- Kaprun.

The music video and the additional "making of" can be seen on UNHEILIG's official website www.unheilig.com.

In the Footsteps of UNHEILIG
Those who would like to follow in the footsteps UNHEILIG and visit the original filming location have the chance to do so once more starting in May 2014. With bus transfers, visitors can comfortably reach the high mountain lakes of Kaprun, located roughly 2000 metres above sea level. Once arrived, a breathtaking view of nature, the mountains and glaciers opens itself up. The dams, symbols of the Austrian reconstruction, integrate themselves into the mountain stage and are examples of the interaction between nature and technology in generating electricity from hydropower. A guided tour of the dam will allow you the possibility to gain an insight into the inner workings of this miracle of technology.

For more details visit: www.verbund.com/tm

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