Energy-rich Like a Sun Sheikh


VERBUND inspires interest in innovative energy products with Stermann & Grissemann

The energy transition goes further: in the new TV advert from VERBUND Stermann & Grissemann transform themselves into sun-sheikhs. What is that? A sun sheikh is almost the future version of a sheikh, who has an incredible amount of clean energy from renewable sources at his disposal, seeing as he combines solar energy produced at home with hydropower. Grissemann manages to convince Stermann in the advert, that this is the opportunity for the future of energy- and so Stermann also slips into his white robes: getting rich with the sun as your own supplier allows one indeed to feel like a sun-sheikh.

Both sun-sheikhs with their extra-dark sunglasses are absolute eye-catchers in the comprehensive campaign designed by TBWA\ for TV, advertisements, online displays and social media networks. With humour, they point to an innovative VERBUND combination offer: with the solar panel on one's own roof, one can generate electricity oneself from clean electricity, store surplus solar energy in a battery and even add a heat pump to this. And at those times where more electricity is needed, one can quite comfortably use electricity from hydropower. Thank you hydropower! Beate McGinn, the VERBUND Head of Communications says "What both the sun-sheikhs humorously show is a climate-friendly and attractive energy solution for many. Going down such an innovative route is important to us and forms a further building block for the success of the energy transition, which is something everyone can take part in."

"The sun-sheikhs are the continuation of the extremely successful integrated campaign, which we started in autumn and which set the energy market in motion." says Irene Sagmeister, Managing Director of the TBWA\ agency. By introducing the topic of solar energy, VERBUND brings another aspect of the energy transition to the fore in order to kindle the dynamic and drive it forward on the energy market. The campaign manages to make a complex issue easily understood by explaining it through stories and to make it a topic of conversation and in this way VERBUND guarantees our customers that they are the leaders in this field."

More electricity stories with Stermann & Grissemann, filmed by director Andreas Prochaska, will follow.


Commissioning body: VERBUND, Beate McGinn, Claudia Baumschlager, Heinz Schmid

Agency: TBWA\

Managing Director: Irene Sagmeister

Budget Director: Iliana Gehart

KB: Lena Witzany, Barbara Buchmann

CD: Gerda Reichl-Schebesta, Bernhard Grafl

AD: Maik Wollrab

Text: Christina Niederdorfer

Graphics: Zoi Samara

Film production: Jerks

Director: Andreas Prochaska

Camera: Andreas Berger

Online: Screenagers

Media planning: Vizeum



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