Sediment Samples from the River Inn


Small amounts of sediment samples are taken in order to carry out a morphological study

VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company and operator of the Inn power plants in Bavaria, will be lifting sediment samples in five different areas from the river Inn on 9 and 10 April 2014. The goal is to investigate the composition of the particle size of the sediment as part of a morphological study, in order to create a bed-load model for the river section between Jettenbach and Töging. The works, will be carried out as briefly as possible and with the agreement of the local fishing associations, the municipal associations of Mühldorf-Altötting and the Isaria fishing federation of Munich as well as with the lower nature protection authorities of the town council of Mühldorf.

On Wednesday the 9th April and Thursday the 10th, sediment samples from five different areas on the river Inn between Jettenbach and the mouth of the Inn canal will be taken over the course of the entire day. Small amounts of the material extracted from the lowest recesses of the river Inn will be brought to a laboratory and be dried and sieved in order to establish the distribution of the shingle and sand banks.

Thanks to these analyses, the condition of the bed-load of the river Inn should be ascertained, a bed-load model for this section of the Inn created as well as morphological and hydro-ecological improvements developed.


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