Attractive deal to switch provider valid until 30 April 2014.

4 months free electricity for new customers. This attractive deal to switch provider is still valid until 30 April 2014. Switching to electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower is well worth the effort environmentally and financially: An Austrian three person household with an average annual electricity consumption of 4,255 kWh will save about 155 euros (including mains, taxes and duties) in the first year when they switch to VERBUND-H2Ö-Strom.

VERBUND has been successfully competitive regarding household customers for many years. Already in autumn 2013, the market was reinvigorated thanks to an average 10% price decrease in electricity costs. Since then, over 60,000 customers have opted for electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower from VERBUND. The current VERBUND new customer rates including 4 months free electricity is still valid until 30 April 2014.

VERBUND-H2Ö-Strom Deal offers Attractive Advantages:

Top deal including 4 months free electricity.

No minimum term of contract.

Electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower.

Individual processing (either per post or online, depending on preference).

Separate billing for mains and energy costs.

Free hotline in all of Austria.

About VERBUND-H2Ö-Strom

More and more customers find it important to know where their electricity originates from. With 125 TÜV-Süd certified hydropower plants, VERBUND generates environmentally-friendly electricity from 100% clean hydropower from Austria. With H2Ö products from VERBUND, private customers can be sure that the electricity they use comes from 100% Austrian hydropower and that in this way they are making an important contribution to protecting the environment.

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For more information about switching providers to VERBUND-H2Ö-Strom, visit: (German only).

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