First Cut-Off for the New Traisen Estuary


The first milestone for Austria's biggest renaturation project has been reached. The first section of the new Traisen is finished and irrigated.

The Traisen river currently flows in a regulated riverbed, which allows the river no opportunity for expansion. Until 2019, experts in the field will enrich the new course of the river and parts of the floodplain landscape with diverse habitats according to a detailed plan. The first stage of construction, a roughly 2km long, curved section of the new Traisen was opened today by project partners.

"We are proud of the visible progress of the project, with which we will give the Traisen its original character back", says Michael Amerer, Managing Director of VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH. "Altogether, around 26.5 million euros will be invested here in a unique, ecological upgrading and we are pleased that partners from the EU, from the alliance and the state of Lower Austria are supporting us with this", says Amerer.

Member of the provincial government Stephan Pernkopf praised the great cooperation. "Lower Austria is well-known for its nature and it can be proud of this Europe-wide model project. Nature and people equally profit here from a diverse floodplain landscape, which gives the river more space and which can keep back water masses when flooding occurs".

VERBUND will bear most of the costs. The EU is funding considerable parts of the project from money taken from LIFE+ funds. The rest of the costs will be born by the Lower Austrian fishing association, by the countryside fund of Lower Austria, by via Danube, the BMLFUW and the state building authorities of Lower Austria.

Complex Landscape Project

The new Traisen and its floodplain zones will be created following plans by ecology experts on a step by step basis. As part of the project, land habitats such as, for example, half-dry grassland with unique orchid patches will be improved and a flood pond will be built.

The gravel, which was removed for construction purposes will be transported by lorry to the Danube and from there transported away in an environment-friendly fashion by ship. A large part of the gravel will be placed back downstream from Vienna in the Danube, in order to prevent erosion.

For transport safety, the Danube bicycle lane was diverted and runs uninterruptedly across Lower Austria's first cycle tunnel.

Habitat for People and Nature

The goal of the LIFE+ Traisen project is to produce a diverse section of the river and a floodplain landscape, which in future can be left to the natural processes of nature. At 9.4km in length, the Traisen river near the Danube power plant in Altenwörth will be completely newly reshaped. The work will be completed by 2019.

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Group photo: from left to right- Mayor Hermann Kühtreiber (Zwentendorf), Group Manager for Construction Heinz Allmer (VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH), Managing Director Michael Amerer (VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH), Member of the regional government Stephan Pernkopf, Regional Fishing Master Karl Gravogel.

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