Flood Preparations on the Drau

13.08.2014Edling, Feistritz, Rosegg

Due to the precipitation forecast, VERBUND is carefully lowering the backwater area of the Drau river.

The current precipitation forecast implies that flooding may be expected once more on the river Drau. Following temporary weir operating regulations, the operator of the Danube power plants, VERBUND, is decreasing the backwater area as a preventative measure.

Following the experiences gleaned from the flooding of 2012, the weir operating regulations for the Drau power plants were adjusted. If VERBUND's own flood forecast exceeds a certain amount, then the backwater areas of Edling, Feistritz and Rosegg on the river Drau will be preventatively decreased by 2.5m in order to make room for a threatening flood wave. These measures will be the first thing to be implemented and they serve as flood security. The responsible authorities have been informed.

At the same time, the power plants, which are usually operated from a distance, were staffed in order to be able to take action if necessary. The dams which lie within the area of VERBUND's responsibility are constantly monitored.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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