Heavy Rainfall Makes Taking Action Necessary


The Margaritze reservoir is unable to take anymore water

Heavy rainfall has considerably increased the water inflow in the Margaritze reservoir. Seeing as no improvements in the weather are expected, water will be dispensed in a controlled manner via the bottom outlet, which is a security facility at the foot of the dam. With this, a retention space in the reservoir will be created for the predicted rainfall in the afternoon. At the same time, 20 m³ (20,000 litres) per second will be continuously pumped from the Mooserboden reservoir into Kaprun.

Should these measures not suffice and the foreseen rainfall completely fill up the Margaritze reservoir, then the bottom outlet will be closed and water will be released via the flood drain. This is located at the upper ridge of the valley dam and is comparable to a sink's overflow drain. In this case, holding back the water in the reservoir is no longer possible and the natural inflow will be dispensed, albeit decreased through the diverted water to Kaprun.

The measures which are now required are a planned reaction to the heavy rainfalls, which have pushed the retention capacity of the reservoir to its limits. Thanks to the regular diversion to the Wasserfallboden (Kaprun), a large discharge of sediment can be eliminated. The responsible authorities have been informed by VERBUND of all further proceedings. The safety of the plant is completely guaranteed.

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