Eco-packet for Clever Energy Savers


VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, brings forth solutions for the energy turn-around to the Wieselburger Fair.

From 26 to 28 September, the Wieselburger Fair will pursue a wide range of subjects in the fields of energy, heating, photovoltaic and electric mobility. For those particularly interested in these subjects, VERBUND has put together a smart package with interesting financial advantages for clever energy savers, who would like to be more independent, sustainable and low in emissions in their own homes.

VERBUND Eco Packages

The tailor-made VERBUND Eco packages are ideally compatible with each other and tailored to individual needs for energy solutions in households which would like to make their home a house of the future.

Self-generated energy is now easier, more efficient and cheaper to use, thanks to the combination of photovoltaic systems plus battery storage and heat pumps. VERBUND coordinates the planning and installation, working closely together with regional professional companies. The customers additionally profit from tailor-made tariffs. The autumn deal is also offering, as part of the VERBUND promotion, €1000 for the photovoltaic system all the way to €500 for the heat pumps. For the first three years one can have: free electricity for heat pumps*. The tariff for the purchase of every photovolatic facility from VERBUND is 18 cents/kWh for the first 1000kWh, at 1001kWh the price is 6.25 cents/kWh and at 7,000kWh the price is 4 cents/kWh.

Complete Package: Easy, Quick and Budget-friendly

The innovative technology comes to your home as a complete package. VERBUND customers receive their personal home of the future comfortably and secure from one source.

As one of the largest electricity producers from hydropower in Europe, VERBUND sets the tone in electricity production from renewable sources. With the eco package for energy savers, VERBUND is taking a further innovative step towards an energy turnaround connected to greater independence and sustainability. VERBUND'S range on offer will be rounded off with interesting offers on electricity from 100% hydropower as well as for households and environmentally-friendly mobility, namely electric mobility. "The energy turnaround can only work if everybody takes part and makes sustainable changes to the way they approach energy. This is why we are offering private households a simple solution which will contribute to increasing their own production and storage of electricity and heat and allow them to save money on their household budget. Private customers will be more independent, the public grid will be less burdened and the environment will be looked after. This is something which will benefit all market participants", says Martin Wagner, CEO at VERBUND Solutions GmbH.

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