VERBUND and GETEC found a joint venture for industrial customers in Austria


Austria's biggest energy supplier, VERBUND AG and GETEC heat & power AG, a company in the GETEC group and market leader in energy contracting in Germany, have founded a joint venture. It is expected that VERBUND GETEC Energiecontracting GmbH will commence their business activities at the start of 2015. This was announced in a press conference in Vienna by Wolfgang Anzengruber, Managing Director of VERBUND AG and Karl Gerhold, Managing Director of GETEC ENERGIE HOLDING GmbH.

Energy has become an important factor regarding costings and planning for all energy-using areas. This applies particularly to industries which are energy intensive, however, also to manufacturers who plan to modernise their plant's technology or switch to CO2 neutral fuels. For these customers, VERBUND is launching a joint venture for energy contracting with a company from the German GETEC group, GETEC heat & power AG, which specialises in contracting models in the energy services sector.

The VERBUND GETEC Energiecontracting GmbH will develop a tailor-made energy supply concept for each customer and will take over the development, planning and financing as well as the construction and operating of thermal, refrigerating, steam, electrical and compressor systems as well as any other types of energy generating systems. Modern, innovative technology and optimised fuel solutions for each individual use guarantee customers cost reductions and environmental benefits.

VERBUND GETEC Energiecontracting GmbH will begin operating at the start of 2015, which is subject to the antitrust legislation approval through the responsible competition authorities.

"We will only be able to overcome the challenges facing the future of electricity with innovative approaches and new energy services needed on the market", says Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO of Austria's largest electricity producer, VERBUND, "We are looking forward to working together with GETEC, the market leader in energy contracting services in Germany, which has over 20 years experience in the market."

Karl Gerhold, managing partner of the GETEC group says: "With our environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving supply concepts and individual energy services, we're actively involved in shaping the energy turnaround. In this way, GETEC heat & power AG has specialised in contracting models for industry. We would like to strengthen our activities on the Austrian market. As Austria's biggest energy provider, VERBUND makes the perfect partner."

Best practice examples

GETEC heat & power AG has experience spanning many years and extensive know-how in the development and implementation of energy supply solutions for energy intensive industry. The company has already constructed hundreds of plants with a total output of around 1,500 MWh in Germany.

Julius Schulte paper mill

The inauguration party of the industrial thermal power plant took place in August at the Julius Schulte paper mill in Trebsen in the state of Saxony. GETEC heat & power AG has erected a highly efficient thermal cogeneration combined heat and power plant, which completely covers all the steam and electricity requirements of the paper mill. Furthermore, this plant is capable of isolated and black start, which means that even if there is a power failure in the grid upstream, the plant is still able to run.

Radici Chimia Deutschland GmbH

GETEC has implemented a concept which is unique worldwide for the Radici Chimica Deutschland GmbH chemical company: laughing gas, which during its chemical production is harmful to the environment, is utilized for thermal reasons in the thermal power plant and thus rendered harmless for the environment.

With its tailor-made energy services and technological innovations, GETEC is today a market leader in contracting in Germany and is actively shaping the energy turnaround. The demand to always meet customers' demands of attaining the best energy efficiency is always in the foreground.

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