With "plusGas", VERBUND is offering the first climate-neutral gas for private customers in all of Austria


VERBUND is broadening its product range. The climate-neutral product "plusGas" allows private customers to heat and cook in a sustainable way in future. In this way, VERBUND will be the first energy service provider in all of Austria to offer climate-neutral gas and electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower from a single source.

Carbon neutrality inspected by TÜV Nord

CO2 emissions result from the production and utilisation of gas. In order to nevertheless be able to heat and cook with gas in a carbon-neutral way, the resulting emissions must be again reduced by the same extent. At plusGas, the emissions generated through the use of natural gas are reduced through the production and development of renewable energies - as is the case in the Ashta hydropower plant in Albania, for example. Each new plusGas customer is therewith actively promoting environmental protection. This is officially confirmed by TÜV Nord, a renowned, independent inspection agency from Germany.

TOP products: plusGas Online and plusGas Classic
The TOP products are available in two versions: "plusGas Online" and "plusGas Classic".
In the case of "plusGas Online", the contract conclusion and the entire customer support is carried out digitally. All customers preferring all-round services, such as personal support and classic communication via the postal service, opt for "plusGas Classic".

plusGas Online                 excluding VAT        including VAT              plusGas Classic                excluding VAT          including VAT.          

working price in cents            3.30                          3.96                         working price in cent              3.30                          5.96

basic price in euros                1.50                         1.80                          basic price in euros per     
                                                                                                           month and metering point      2.08                           2.50

The advantages of plusGas

+ inexpensive, carbon-neutral gas as an important contribution to a clean future
+ 3-month free gas1 when a switchover is made by 30.4.2015
+ guaranteed energy prices2 until 31.3.2017
+ a contract that is terminable upon demand
+ a clearly presented invoice for gas, mains, taxes and fees

A switchover made easy
The switchover to VERBUND as new provider is carried out simply and quickly. At VERBUND, the two products "plusGas" and "H2Ö-Strom" can either be purchased as a package or individually.

Further information may be found under www.verbund.at or by telephone via the service line 0800 210 210, Monday until Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., free throughout Austria.

Now is also the time to benefit from the energy efficiency subsidy
In addition, VERBUND offers a special energy efficiency subsidy for gas condensing boilers - to the tune of 400 euro. This means that all consumers, who exchange their old gas heaters or old gas boilers for an efficient gas condensing boiler, not only save on account of the more efficient use of energy, but also through the VERBUND subsidy.

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