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In the promotion period March 2015, VERBUND and REWE International AG are starting a "1+1 free promotion" for Philips LED bulbs.

With the "1+1 free promotion" you can now double your savings: when you buy a Philips LED bulb1, you get a second bulb for free as a gift from VERBUND. The LED bulbs are available throughout March 2015 at a price of € 6.99 in BILLA, BIPA, MERKUR, PENNY and Sutterlüty branches while stock lasts.

In an average household, around 20 percent of electricity usage is due to lighting. Modern LED lights can save around 90% on energy as compared to regular light bulbs2. By switching to LED you can thus save a lot on energy and costs.

"We can all make a contribution towards protecting our climate. The efficient use of energy reduces energy consumption and therefore the costs. With these high-grade LED bulbs that carry the 'topprodukte.GOLD' rating, the energy transition begins in your living room," Minister of the Environment Andrä Rupprechter welcomes the promotion. The 9.5-watt Philips LED bulb is among the most exceptional products that have been awarded topprodukte.GOLD by, a klimaaktiv service.

Austria's favourite LED bulb3

"The Philips 9.5-watt LED bulb with its instant luminous power shines just as bright as the former 60-watt bulbs," says Rudolf Koch, Managing Director at Philips Lighting Austria. "The big advantage: you save up to 90% on energy costs and receive a bulb with a lifespan of around 15 years." LED bulbs now have a very good price/performance ratio, the purchase pays off after a short time and the environment is protected right from the start.

Thanks to the support from VERBUND, the promotion means double the benefit: when purchasing a Philips LED bulb, VERBUND gives customers a second bulb as a gift. "The environment benefits doubly when energy-efficient LED lights for the home are run with VERBUND electricity from 100% renewable Austrian hydropower," explains Wolfgang Anzengruber, Chair of the Board of Austria's largest electricity provider VERBUND.

"As a founding member of the klima:aktiv pakt2020, REWE International AG is making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in Austria by using 100% green electricity in our 2,500 branches, as well as through successful energy saving programmes," says Frank Hensel, Chair of the Board REWE International AG.

Price and availability

The "1+1 free" LED bulb promotion is available throughout March 2015 at a price of € 6.99 in BILLA, BIPA, MERKUR, PENNY and Sutterlüty branches while stock lasts.

1 This promotion includes the Philips 9.5-watt bulbs E27 (60W bulb replacements)

non-dimmable, EAN 8718291193029 (while stock lasts).

2 Compared to regular lights (bulbs / halogen bulbs) with similar luminous power and lifespan.

3 According to GfK market research agency in the period Jan-Dec 2014 in units.

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