New construction Töging: VERBUND Innkraftwerke presents concrete plans


The VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH informed the population about the planned renovation of the Töging-Jettenbach hydropower plant.

On 3 March 2015, VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company and operator of the Bavarian Innkraftwerke power plants comprehensively presented the current plans for the renovation of the existing hydropower plant Töging-Jettenbach to the local population of the Waldkraiburg region. Leading up to the citizens' information meeting, the surveyors and experts were tirelessly working to compile concrete documents and plans, which served as the basis for presenting the project in a vivid manner. Mühldorf District Administrator Georg Huber and the Mayor of Waldkraiburg Robert Plötzsch, as well as around 150 citizens of Waldkraiburg and the region attended the meeting in the "Haus der Kultur" in Waldkraiburg. For the Töging region, a citizens' information meeting already took place on 24 February.

Around 150 people discussed the topics of technology and construction work, their impacts on flood protection and groundwater, as well as traffic, sound and air with the VERBUND Innkraftwerke project team and the expert surveyors.

District Administrator Georg Huber and Waldkraiburg Mayor Robert Plötzsch spoke welcoming words at the meeting. They praised the very cooperative approach and the information provided to the population, as well as VERBUND's strategy in Bavaria. The investment in the entire project area opens up tremendous opportunities for the future of the region. In addition to the economic and regional political impulses provided, the renovation of Töging-Jettenbach also represents a significant component of the sustainable energy future of Bavaria.

Old and/or new weir system

According to the surveyors from the transport sector, there should be no big inconveniences in Töging during the construction period; only at absolute peak times there could be increased traffic. Traffic to and from the construction site will be guided through a one-way system. The citizens were also concerned about construction noise: there will indeed be noise pollution during the construction work. However, suitable measures are to ensure these are kept to a minimum.

Another topic discussed was the weir crossing, which will presumably be open for pedestrians and cyclists as well as emergency vehicles. In future, general traffic will be redirected over the Jettenbach Inn Bridge, which is in eyeshot, as requested by the residents of Reit. This matter was already discussed in the Aschau am Inn municipal Council.

The preservation of the old weir system from the 1920s next to the new facility is still under discussion with the monument protection authority. The power unit of the old weir system located on the right bank will be preserved.

More production through modern hydropower technology

"Through increasing the retention water level elevation to 70 cm at the Jettenbach weir and increasing the flow rate by up to 70 m³/s, as well as installing three Kaplan turbines, a performance increase of around 29.4 percent becomes possible," informs Project Manager Bernhard Gerauer. "This way, 120 GWh more electricity can be generated, which corresponds to the supply for around 35,000 households. The dams and dykes in the reservoir and the sealing structure in the Inn Canal need to be adjusted accordingly."

After the citizens' information meetings, we are holding our usual monthly consultation hours under the motto We Are Here For You: the next appointment is on 7 April 2015
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