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Innovative Products and Solutions for Household, Industry and Trade Customers

VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, stands for sustainability and energy efficiency. Over 90% of VERBUND electricity comes from renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower. Customers in the household sector and in industry and trade are offered a variety of energy-intelligent products and solutions, which can be offset as per the Federal Energy Efficiency Act or should be offsettable due to their efficiency potential.

The Federal Energy Efficiency Act was adopted on 9 July 2014 by Austria's National Council and became effective as of 1 January 2015. The total energy savings goal is 310 PJ, of which 159 PJ must be saved through contributions by energy providers. What this means in concrete terms for energy providers is that 0.6% of the electricity provided annually to end customers should be saved based on the previous year, with 40% of savings measures implemented for household customers.

VERBUND Sales Campaigns

For the current period, VERBUND is offering three sales campaigns that can help you save energy and can be offset as savings as per the Energy Efficiency Act:

•    For the installation of a gas condensing boiler or tank, there is a VERBUND subsidy of up to € 400 until the end of June 2015

•    When purchasing a Miele refrigerator or freezer in the energy class A++ and A+++, there is an energy bonus of € 50 until the end of April 2015

•    Throughout March 2015, there is a "1+1 free LED bulb promotion" in selected Billa, Bipa, Merkur, Penny and Sutterlüty branches. When buying a Philips LED bulb1, consumers get a second bulb for free as a gift from VERBUND.

VERBUND-sponsored Caritas Electricity Assistance Fund

For five years now, the VERBUND-sponsored Caritas Electricity Assistance Fund has been helping people in need all over Austria to escape the energy poverty trap. The Fund helps everyone – regardless of their respective electricity provider – through three concrete measures: energy consultations by certified energy consultants, exchanging energy-guzzling devices with energy-efficient devices, as well as interim financing of electricity bills. The professional energy consultations and the exchange of devices can also be offset as savings as per the Energy Efficiency Act. Since the launch of the project in November 2009, the VERBUND Electricity Assistance Fund has financially supported around 2,600 households with a total sum of € 1.266 million. Around 1,760 households received a free on-site energy consultation, and around 1,200 households received energy-efficient devices such as washing machines, fridge-freezers or electric stoves. This way, a total volume of 3,500 megawatt hours were saved.

E-mobility as a driver for energy efficiency

Electromobility is the most efficient and – when green electricity is used – the most environmentally-friendly form of motorised transportation. Due to its high proportion of electricity from renewable sources (about two thirds), Austria seems predestined for electromobility. This is one of the reasons why VERBUND has been committed to this topic since 2009. Currently, there are several funded projects working on the expansion of the excellent charging infrastructure in Austria and beyond: CEGC (Central European Green Corridors), CROSSING BORDERS, Green eMotion, VECEPT (Vehicle with cost-efficient power train). In order for a breakthrough in e-mobility to take place, a clear political stance is necessary. Examples could include eliminating company car taxation or introducing input tax reduction for e-cars, or transitioning public vehicle fleets to e-cars.

Energy-efficient solutions for private customers

Save up to 30% on heating costs with tado°

With the tado° thermostat, VERBUND customers can control their heating automatically via an app and save up to 31% on heating costs. Smart control solutions can ensure that no more energy is wasted. Through the cooperation with the Munich-based start-up company tado°, VERBUND is offering a particularly progressive solution for saving energy. The intelligent heating control tado° creates increased living comfort, while saving up to 31% of heating costs at the same time.

Eco Packages

VERBUND is offering custom-tailored packages specifically for private homes. Thanks to the combination of a photovoltaic system plus a battery storage unit and a heat pump, the energy you produce can be utilised easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. VERBUND customers who know opt for a photovoltaic system, receive several benefits: Climate and Energy Fund subsidies, the current VERBUND price discount, a convenient complete package, and custom-tailored tariffs.

Energy-efficient solutions for industry and trade customers

VERBUND GETEC Energiecontracting GmbH

The new joint venture is developing custom-tailored energy supply concepts for each customer and takes on the development, planning and financing, as well as the construction and operation of energy production systems. Modern, innovative technology and fuel solutions optimised for the respective use case ensure cost reductions for the customer and ease the burden on the environment.

VERBUND Eco Net. The learning energy efficiency network

Up to 12 different companies are joining forces and will be pursuing a shared, concrete savings objective over the course of three years: learning from each other within the network in order to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The result is an energy efficiency rate that is two or three times higher than the average industry rate. The first VERBUND Eco Net energy efficiency network launched in September 2014 and included: Andritz, Magna, Hammerer Aluminium, Schirnhofer, Ochsner, Coreth, PC Electric, and VERBUND Hydro Power.

1 This offer is for Philips 9.5 Watt LED bulbs (replacement for 60W) E27 non-dimmable, EAN 8718291193029 (while stock lasts) 

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