VERBUND Eco-Home: Energy-efficient, safe and easy…


… this is how we will live in the future. New VERBUND product Eco-Home is making apartments and homes more intelligent, and at an attractive price.

The new VERBUND Eco-Home products offer innovative new applications from the measurement and visualisation of all relevant energy flows in the household, to status updates and alarm messages on your mobile phone, all the way to automatically regulated controls for electrical loads operating on self-generated solar energy. As a plug-and-play solution, Eco-Home can be installed quickly and easily.

"Until now, who among us has had an overview of their total electricity consumption or been able to really, optimally make use of the self-generated electricity from their own photovoltaic system? Do any of us really know where the power guzzlers in our household are hiding? Or who can be sure that everything is OK at home while we are away? Eco-Home can resolve all of these questions simply and conveniently," highlights Gerhard Faltner, Smart Site Systems Product Manager at VERBUND Solutions, trying as concisely as possible to get straight to the point about Eco-Home's most important advantages.

It is high time for the intelligent interconnection of devices and for smart controls in the household, and now this no longer requires an initial investment of thousands of euro. The product "Eco-Home Security" is available starting at € 299 and at even more attractive prices in combination with VERBUND electricity.

Eco-Home is a plug-and-play solution that requires no additional wiring, can easily be extended with additional devices and functionalities and is equipped with an intuitively designed user interface. "Controls and monitoring take place conveniently over the Eco-Home app on the smartphone or tablet.

Energy costs are decreased and comfort increased – so Eco-Home is an asset for the environment and relieves the household budget at the same time. And it simply feels good to be certain that everything is in order at home," Faltner delights at the abundance of advantages that come with Eco-Home.

In the context of a pan-European development and demonstration project, users are actively involved in the testing and further development of the "Eco-Home Energy Management" product and the energy services related to prosumer management.  After all, Eco-Home shouldn't become a static product, but rather should grow with the requirements of the customers. "Eco-Home Energy Management" is especially advantageous to those users who personally generate electricity from solar energy and want to increase their energy efficiency at home through the intelligent management of their energy flows.

With innovative solutions and convenient services, VERBUND is setting new standards to shape the energy turnaround, which in the end can only be achieved collectively. Clean energy, more energy independence and a liveable future for the next generations through the intelligent utilisation of energy and resources – these are a must for us all.

The Eco-Home Security product is made up of the VERBUND central unit, a multiple sensor for measuring movements, temperatures and light intensity and a door/window contact, as well as a wireless-switch electricity meter that not only can measure the expenditure of devices, but can also automatically adjust it, as well.

With the Eco-Home Security Combo Pack, you get not only the VERBUND central unit, the multiple sensor, the door/window contact and the wireless-switch electricity meter, but also electricity from 100% hydropower as well, making this product especially attractive.

The Eco-Home Security and Eco-Home Security Combo packages are available now at

The Eco-Home Energy Management package consists of the VERBUND central unit, the wireless-switch electricity meter and the VERBUND electricity measuring module. Prospective customers can sign up immediately to take part in test operations in the framework of the development and demonstration project. Eco-Home Energy Management will be available starting in October 2015.