That was the VERBUND energy conference energy2050 "Energy Marketplace of the Future"


The VERBUND energy conference energy2050 took place from 23 to 25 September in the Fuschlsee Sheraton in Salzburg. Under the title "At the Energy Marketplace of the Future. What do customers want, and what can the sector offer?" representatives from the worlds of industry, politics and science discussed the challenges for the energy future.

At the beginning of energy2050, the host, VERBUND Chairman of the Board Wolfgang Anzengruber, wished for a new courageous and optimistic spirit for the energy industry: "We need a New Deal! The energy marketplace is regrouping in a way marked by costumer focus and an entrepreneurial spirit. Climate protection is a priority, and a market economy is the basis of operation for a functioning system. The time is now for bold changes that we implement together."
The world of energy in 2050
"It was a colourful conference," Anzengruber put it. Here are some of the most exciting messages from energy2050 in a nutshell – afterthoughts can be found in the VERBUND blog "flow":

• 1.1 billion people worldwide currently have no access to energy – and even by the year 2050, 300 million people will still be suffering from fuel poverty.
• Renewable energies will still not be able to cover 100% of global energy demand by 2050, although this could possibly be achieved by the end of the century.
• Worldwide energy demand will double in the next 25 years.
• Climate protection remains the highest priority: A CO2 system that changes the purchasing behaviour of consumers could be the solution.
• In 2050, energy will be smart instead of stupid: digitalisation allows for new business models. For this, the intelligent and responsible use of data is a pre-requisite.
• The turnaround in energy policy is also a turnaround in capital.
• The New Deal for the future of energy requires new partnerships.

Startups and the next generation
Energy-related startups were introduced in the scope of energy2050: Five young entrepreneurs presented their product ideas and energy solutions and faced an audience vote. Victor and winner of the € 25,000 Grand Prize was Eologix, a startup from Graz that supplies sensor solutions for wind turbine rotor blades.

The next generation of energy experts also provided innovative input: In advance of energy2050, the marketplace of the future was built over the course of a two-day "energyLAB" in a joint effort with all stakeholders. What does it look like? Click here for the "Energy Marketplace of the Future" video:

VERBUND is preparing itself intensively for this future energy marketplace:
 "100% focus on renewable energies in electricity production is our middle-term goal," underlined Wolfgang Anzengruber. "Hydropower is our central production asset. As the core of our renewable family, hydropower will also be the foundation for our future successes." Storage solutions as well as stable grids that "continue to connect" are further supporting pillars. A "New Deal" also means new partnerships and alliances: "We want to be a platform for the future of energy and, with an entrepreneurial spirit, find success at the energy marketplace of the future."

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For the seventh time already, VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest hydropower producers in Europe, is hosting its annual energy conference, energy2050. From 23 to 25 September, "Energy Marketplace of the Future" will be at the centre of first-class discussions, debates and praxis-oriented talks.

Massive changes in the energy economy have affected the energy market in Europe and worldwide. Since the liberalisation and turnaround in energy policy, market actors have been called upon to reconfigure basic conditions, promote innovations and live up to customers' new requirements. This year's VERBUND energy conference energy2050 - bearing the title "At the Energy Marketplace of the Future. What do customers want, and what can the industry offer?" - is concerned with the political, technical, economic and societal aspects of an energy system fit for the future.

"We need a New Deal for the energy industry," VERBUND Chairman of the Board Wolfgang Anzengruber, host of energy 2050, puts it. "The energy marketplace is forming itself anew, and it will be characterised by its focus on customers and its entrepreneurial spirit. Climate protection is a priority, and a market economy is the basis of operation for a functioning system. The time is now for bold changes that we implement together."

Technology and innovation as the key

Preserving competitiveness will require intensive efforts in the field of research and development. The technology group Siemens bundles together a variety of activities in this area in Austria in the interest of making a more intelligent power grid. "Technology and innovations are the key to a secure and affordable supply of electricity for tomorrow," explains Wolfgang Hesoun, General Director of Siemens Austria. "As a small country, we have the capacity to install and test intelligent technologies earlier - a clear advantage. In this, we can be an international model." The lakeside city Seestadt Aspern has already been having such a role-model effect. In a configuration unique in Europe, Siemens technologies can be tested in real application toward the aim of optimising energy systems. Wolfgang Hesoun: "The research activities that Siemens brings together in Seestadt Aspern mark a significant step in the transition away from the classical electricity grid and toward the Smart Grid. The results of our efforts are yielding clear advantages for grid operators and customers: A secure, efficient and flexible power grid." 
Digitalisation as an opportunity

For VERBUND, Board Chairman Anzengruber sees the future of energy in retaining old strengths – expertise in hydropower as well as decades of experience in electricity generation and in the electricity business – while at the same time utilising the opportunities that come with a digitalised energy market: In the context of energy2050, the VERBUND Eco-Home Solution for the smart household will be presented: Simple plug-and-play usage for more security and ease of living at home, and that with almost real-time monitoring of the total electricity consumption. "But at the Energy Marketplace of the Future, you can't win alone. VERBUND is betting on new cooperation and energy partnerships."
On the second day of the conference, 5 European start-ups from energy-related sectors will face a vote in which the audience will select the winner of a € 25,000 grand prize.

The VERBUND energy conference energy2050 will take place from 23 to 25 September in the Fuschlsee Sheraton in Salzburg. Under the title "At the Energy Marketplace of the Future. What do customers want, and what can the industry offer?" representatives from the worlds of industry, politics and science will discuss the challenges for the energy future.
Among the speakers are:
Rainer Baake, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
Ingo Becker, CFA, Head of Utilities Sector Research, Kepler Chevreux
Hans ten Berge, Management Board, EURELECTRIC
Dipl. Ing. Walter Boltz, Management Board, Energie-Control Austria
Michael Frank, Director, Association of Swiss Electricity Enterprises
Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council, Great Britain
Ray Hammond, trend researcher and lateral thinker, Great Britain
Ing. Wolfgang Hesoun, Chairman of the Management Board, Siemens AG Austria

Oliver Koch, Deputy Division Head, ENER.B2 Commercial Markets; Electricity and Gas, Directorate-General for Energy, Management Board B: Internal Energy Market, EU Commission
Prof Wolfgang Mauch, PhD Ing., Research Centre for Energy Economics

Dr Jan Michael Mrosik, CEO Division Energy Management, Siemens AG, Germany
Prof Horst Pirker, PhD, Chairman of the Management Board, CEO Verlagsgruppe News Gesellschaft m. b. H. publishing Group

Dr Barbara Schmidt, General Secretary, Österreichs Energie
Rolf Schumann, Senior Vice President, SAP SE, Germany
Konstantin Staschus, PhD, General Secretary, ENTSO-E

Clemens Triebel, Chief Visionary Officer, younicos AG, Germany
Dr Michael Wunnerlich, Member of the Management Board and Director of the German Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) representation to the EU, BDEW e.V.
Alexander Zeh, Mag., Managing Director GfK Austria, Global Lead Financial Services

Mag. Wolfgang Zrost, Kommerzialrat, President, Federation of Industry Salzburg

About Siemens

For 135 years, Siemens has stood for technical performance, innovation, quality and reliability in Austria. Siemens Austria is counted among the country's leading technology enterprises. The firm is a significant domestic driver of innovation and economic factor. Siemens is one of the largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies in the world. The company is one of the leading providers of energy transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions, in the railway technology sector among others with its worldwide headquarters for Urban Transport in Vienna, as well as in automatisation and software solutions for industry. Beyond that, the company is a leading provider of medical imaging devices such as computer tomographs and magnetic resonance tomographs, as well as in laboratory diagnostics and clinical IT. A total of around 10,400 people in Austria work for Siemens. With six plants across Austria and a branch office in every province, the company engages a further 6,600 local vendors and business affiliates in the country. Further information:

VERBUND is Austria's leading electricity company and one of Europe's largest producers of energy from hydropower. The company produces more than ninety percent of its electricity from hydropower. In Austria, VERBUND has a market share of around 7 percent in the small customer segment, and the company leads in the industrial segment with around 20 percent.  VERBUND carries out trade in energy in 12 countries and in 2014 attained an annual turnover of 2.8 billion euros, with around 3,000 employees. With its subsidiary companies and partners, VERBUND is actively involved from the generation of energy to its transport all the way to international trade and distribution. Since 1988, VERBUND has been listed at the Vienna stock exchange, and the Republic of Austria holds 51% of its capital shares.
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