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Important milestone reached toward the renewal and increased efficiency of the oldest power plant on the Inn

More than 90 years after the completion and activation of the Töging power plant, long the largest on the Inn River, the VERBUND power plants on the Inn are planning the restoration and efficiency enhancement of the facility. With the submission of the extensive required documents to the appropriate administrative office of the Mühldorf am Inn district for approval, an important milestone was reached on the way toward the implementation of the project.

Today, Thursday, the two executive officers of VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH, Michael Amerer and Karl Heinz Gruber, together personally handed over a summary of the application materials on the Töging power plant renovation project.

On the occasion of this significant milestone on the way to the project's implementation, district administrator Georg Huber emphasised once more the importance of the project: "The renovation of the Töging power plant is an important economic stimulus for the region and a valuable contribution toward achieving an energy turnaround for Bavaria. It's true that water power has a long history, but, as we can see today, it should nevertheless not be entirely scrapped. On the contrary, it is a stable foundation for the energy future and a reliable partner for the generation of electricity from solar and wind power. In particular, however, our hydropower is a domestic energy that we have right by our front door and can utilise in a self-determined way."

As to the economic significance of the project, Michael Amerer stressed: "The restoration of the Töging power plant, with an investment volume of more than 200 million euros, also brings a quite considerable regional added value.  As the largest producer of electricity from water power in Bavaria and a reliable partner of the energy turnaround, we conceive of this project as an investment in the future of electricity generation and a show of commitment to the location along with its history. After all, the preservation of Töging as an industrial monument plays an important role in the renewal of the power plant."

Karl Heinz Gruber underlined the technical and ecological aspects in marking the submission of the application: "In light of the unusual conditions available at the Töging location, we will be able to raise the annual output by 120 GWh to a total of 685 GWh through the use of the latest machine technology. At that, we're proud to be able to implement this uniquely large increase in efficiency of over 18% in a really environmentally sustainable way. With our extensive ecological supporting measures, we will even manage to improve the overall ecological environment of that section of the river."

Töging power plant restoration project
The existing Töging power plant went into operation in 1924 and is the oldest power plant on the Inn. The new construction will be designed to take into account the spirit of the original builders and to preserve the historic structure.

The project, for which the application has just now been submitted, includes a newly constructed dam in Jettenbach with a heightening of the water level by 70cm, the corresponding adjustment of dams and embankments in the reservoir, an increase to the flow rate by up to 70 m3/a, as well as the installation of three Kaplan turbines. The latter will be housed in a new power plant building whose outer façade was designed by the Töging architecture firm Format Elf. It will entirely retreat into the background and will not distract from the existing powerhouse, which is protected as a historic monument.
The total output of the restored Inn power plant corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of around 200,000 Bavarian household.

Data concerning the restoration of the Töging power plant
110 MW (+25 MW)
Annual electricity output                         approx. 685 million kWh (+ 120 GWh)
Turbines                                                3 Kaplan-Turbinen
Ecological supporting measures  Standing water as spawn and fish habitat, downstream passability for fish at Jettenbach, grassland development on the dam embankments to promote biodiversity, creation of reptile habitats, structural and hydromorphological improvements, etc.
Total investment                           over 200 million euros


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