Ottensheim Fish Pass: Construction running at full speed


Project completion of Europe's longest fish pass possible by May 2016

Over the course of the LIFE+ Network Danube project, VERBUND is building Europe's longest fish pass at the Ottensheim-Wilhering Danube power plant. Construction work is running more quickly than originally planned and will be able to be completed by May 2016.

9 excavators are currently in continuous operation between Ottensheim and Aschach expeditiously completing Europe's longest fish pass to date. 14.2 kilometres of the Aschach and the Innach, companion channel to the Danube, are being restructured and equipped with two inlet structures. Here, fish can in future swim around the retaining walls of the Ottensheim-Wilhering power plant. Thus are valuable habitats also created.

"We regret any inconveniences that occur as a result of the construction work and ask for your understanding," said project head David Oberlerchner. The Danube bicycle path currently must undergo a detour over the Eferdinger-Landl-Weg path (R18). The good news is that the construction work is going more swiftly than originally planned. "We are, however, well on our way to completing the project already in early summer of next year," said David Oberlerchner.

Alongside the work in the river, the inlet structures at both ends of the fish pass are currently being constructed. The excavated material remains in large part at the construction site, keeping the transport costs and thus also truck traffic outside of the project area to a minimum.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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