Ultra-Fast-Charging for electric vehicles starting in Europe


The European industries have the opportunity to strengthen and expand their technology leadership with a new generation of Ultra-Fast-Charging for electric vehicles:

• Ultra-Fast-Charging along TEN-T core network corridors connecting Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands

• Charging time for 300 km reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes
• Total investment volume of around EUR 13 million
• EUR 6.5 million co-financing by the "Connecting Europe Facility" of the European Union

The "Ultra-E" project is setting another important milestone for e-mobility and for an ecological future of transportation: Today marks the official launch of the project, co-financed by the "Connecting Europe Facility" of the European Union. The project partners, as pioneers in Europe, have set themselves the goal of establishing a network of 25 Ultra-Fast-Chargers using the CCS-connector with a charging power of up to 350 kW on TEN-T core network corridors. This Ultra-Fast-Charging network will create an e-mobility connection between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. A further aim is to assess Ultra-Fast-Charging technology for charging passenger vehicles, buses, and trucks (including intermodal services).

This Ultra-Fast-Charging network will be fully interoperable and complementary to the already deployed 50 kW fast chargers, thereby extending the availability of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles today and in the future. The Ultra-E project means open access and a marketplace for innovative services, and will facilitate long distance and cross border driving. It is the first step toward the full pan-European network of Ultra-Fast-Chargers for long distance electric vehicles, which will come onto the market starting in 2018.

"We are very happy to start the Ultra-E project with a strong partner consortium now and thereby build an important first cornerstone for the European Ultra-Fast-Charging infrastructure of the future," stated Dr. Marcus Groll, Director High Power Charging at Allego GmbH.

"We are proud to once again be a partner in a highly innovative e-mobility project on the European level. Together with our subsidiary SMATRICS we will once again be first on the market with expansion of the state-of-the-art charging infrastructure" says Wolfgang Anzengruber, Chairman of the Board of VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company. "Four Ultra-Fast-Charging stations for the next generation of electric vehicles will complement SMATRICS’ Austrian-wide fast charging network, thus speeding up the decarbonisation of the traffic sector with electricity from renewable energy sources."

"The addition of ultra-charging capabilities is a pre-requisite for the successful roll-out of the new generation of BEVs with larger batteries, as announced by many European OEMs. We fully support this strategic move of our most innovative companies in order not only to achieve sustainable transport and fight climate change, but also to be able to face the competition from other regions in the world to keep production in Europe. Finally, let me congratulate the Ultra-E consortium for their bold move and courage despite the risk. Our citizens, the EC, Europe, need people like you!" stated Helmut Morsi, European Commission Advisor DG Move, Coordinator for Innovation & New Technologies.

About Ultra-E
This project is driven by a broad alliance of utilities, carmakers, automotive suppliers, a roaming platform, and public bodies. The following partners are joining forces to implement the project by the end of 2018: Allego BV (coordinator), Allego BVBA, Allego GmbH, VERBUND AG / SMATRICS, Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Audi AG, BMW AG, Magna, Renault S.A, and Hubject GmbH.
The Ultra-Fast-Charging sites will be established at an average interval of 120-150 km, along TEN-T core network corridors from Amsterdam and Brussels via Munich to Vienna and Graz. The total length of the corridors will be more than 1,100 km. This will make 100% electric long distance driving in Europe possible for the first time on an open access and interoperable network (via Plug&Charge and based on ISO 15118 communication protocol), which until now was only possible using fossil fuels or proprietary networks.

About Allego
Allego is a charging infrastructure operator for electric vehicles in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company, which is headquartered in Arnheim and has branches in Berlin and Mechelen (Belgium), holds a neutral market position purely as an operator, and acts independently of suppliers with regard to the charging technology. In this way, Allego guarantees the greatest possible flexibility and maximum reliability in the availability of the charging facilities. The focus for expanding and operating charging technology for e-vehicles is on creating a comprehensive network of normal and quick-charging stations. The company has already put more than 150 quick-chargers into operation along expressways in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Read more at www.allego.eu.


 VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and one of Europe’s largest hydropower electricity producers. The company generates more than ninety percent of its electricity from hydropower. VERBUND deals in electricity in 12 countries, and in 2015 generated revenues of around EUR 3 billion with its approx. 3,000 employees. Along with its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active from electricity generation to its transport and on to international trading and distribution. Since 1988 VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, and the Republic of Austria holds 51 % of the share capital.

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