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At the fall trade fair in Carinthia: Experience live what living in a smart VERBUND house for the energy future is like.

From September 13 to 17, visitors to the Go Green trade fair in Klagenfurt can experience live a smart house for the energy future. As part of the Big Green Challenge, the two energy heroes Stephan Farkas and Johannes Prüstl from Villach will be living in the smart VERBUND house. During the five days of the trade fair, they will demonstrate how simple it is to use electricity wisely and sustainably and be one's own energy manager with photovoltaics, battery storage, an Eco-Home and an e-car.

Telephones, cars, and home and garden appliances are continually getting smarter, but in general, houses or flats are not yet keeping up with this trend. VERBUND is proving exactly the opposite with its smart home for the energy future at the sustainability days in Klagenfurt. The house where the two energy heroes will live is equipped with a photovoltaic system, battery storage, an Eco-Home and a charging station for the e-car.

Live smarter and more independently
Generate solar electricity yourself with the photovoltaic system and use it yourself, simply and efficiently, with the combination of battery storage, e-car and Eco-Home - that's the charm of the smart house for the energy future. An average household uses between 10 and 15 kWh of electricity per day, particularly in the morning and the evening. But solar electricity is mainly available at midday and in the afternoon hours. The solution: use the energy yourself, for example for charging the e-car, or store it correctly so that it is available during the nighttime hours as well.

Saving with a comfort factor
The really smart thing about the VERBUND house is Eco-Home. This smart home solution makes it possible to link actuators and sensors with one another and to realise intelligent automatisation in just a few easy steps. Lamps can be programmed to turn themselves on automatically at twilight, thanks to a multiple sensor which continually measures the brightness in the room. Now in the autumn this is especially handy, when the days are quickly growing shorter again. The WiFi home network and home electronics devices can be switched off automatically, for example at night or when no one is home, in order to avoid unnecessary electricity usage.

The only thing that Eco-Home hasn't mastered yet is filling and emptying the washer and dishwasher, or filling the kettle so that the energy heroes are welcomed to the breakfast table with boiling water for their tea. But who knows, maybe that too will soon be fully automatically controllable, just like the rest of the house ...

Big Green Challenge
Farkas and Prüstl are already now living very consciously and are vigilant about sustainability in all areas of life. This is part of the reason they applied to participate in the Big Green Challenge. They have especially high expectations towards Eco-Home, VERBUND's smart home solution. Because Eco-Home makes one's own home clever, secure and efficient. The fitting tool for all environmentally conscious people today for switching and controlling and saving energy at will by means of a smartphone or tablet.

More comfort, lower energy consumption and sustainable life in the ecosystem: The energy heroes not only want to score big for the Big Green Challenge, but also for the environment.

At the VERBUND stand there is also plenty to see and experience. From prize draws to test drives with an e-scooter, to an attractive sun rebate on PV systems and EUR 300 savings on Eco-Home energy management. All of this and more at the VERBUND stand: number 9 in hall 2.

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