Huge rotor transport operation in Wallsee-Mitterkirchen

15.09.2017Wallsee, Mitterkirchen

Spectacular crane and ship action at VERBUND Danube power plant

It took a large force on the Danube between Upper and Lower Austria to dismount the first of 6 generators. This electromagnetic heart of power generation has reached the end of its service life after 49 years and is being completely overhauled. The 11 metre high, 218 tonne ring can only be lifted by the two gantry cranes in collaboration. The precision job was prepared over the course of months and is being carried out by VERBUND staff and its own ship in cooperation with employees of the Andritz company.

Since the workshop in Wallsee-Mitterkirchen does not have room, the rotor must be brought by ship to the Aschach power plant and be worked on there. The work should be complete by the middle of November, and then the rotor will once again be mounted in its place deep below the surface of the Danube.

More efficiency, less maintenance

The goal of the complete overhaul is not just to renew the service life. The fresh rotor should also require less maintenance, and thanks to state-of-the-art technology it will operate more efficiently. Within the next years, all 6 of the power plant's rotors will need to be replaced. The efficiency gain will amount to 12 million kWh, corresponding to the annual usage of 3,500 households.

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