Halftime at Gries power plant


The groundbreaking for the Gries power plant on the Salzach River was celebrated in autumn 2016. Yesterday marks the halfway point for the project progress, with regard to the actual construction of the power plant. The Salzach has been redirected and now flows through the already completed part. It will take roughly another 1 ½ years until the trial operation has been concluded and all accompanying measures have been completed. The construction progress on the joint project of VERBUND and Salzburg AG is going according to plan.

The Gries power plant is being made as a drywall construction. This means that the excavation pit is sealed off and that all work can be done largely unaffected by the Salzach. The part of the power plant structure built in this way on the right bank has now been completed and the first weir field installed.

In order to begin with construction of the left building, likewise a drywall construction, the Salzach has been redirected. Since the afternoon of November 7th, the Salzach has been flowing through the already completed weir of the Gries power plant.

Completion in 2019

The Gries power plant on the Salzach will go into full operation in 2019, and with an output of 8.85 megawatts and an annual production of 42 million kWh, it will provide clean electricity from hydropower for more than 10,000 households. The investment costs amount to roughly EUR 50 million, shared by the project partners VERBUND and Salzburg AG. In addition, measures of public interest are being sponsored by the province of Salzburg.

Domestic hydropower is an important pillar for a reliable and clean electricity supply, and it plays a leading role in achieving the energy revolution. Thanks to its topography, the province of Salzburg has resources that can be used rationally and efficiently for generating clean electricity from hydropower. By building the Gries power plant (municipality of Bruck/Grossglocknerstrasse in Pinzgau), the project partners are making an important contribution to achieving the climate and energy goals.

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