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VERBUND is expanding its smart home system to include voice control with Amazon Alexa

When the light and security assistants at home obey your every word, then it isn't a Christmas miracle, but rather the expansion of the Eco-Home smart home system to include voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Eco-Home, VERBUND's smart home system, is getting smarter and smarter. That's why VERBUND Eco-Home now communicates via Amazon Alexa. With Alexa, voice control is moving in at home. With it, lamps can be switched or dimmed, blinds controlled or pre-defined situations be played out, without any remote control or mobile phone.

The dream team for comfort at home

Eco-Home and Amazon Alexa are the perfect team for providing even more comfort in your own four walls. Who doesn't wish that their every desire be anticipated and carried out without any protest? Amazon Alexa now makes that possible. Switching devices on and off via radio plugs, as well as whole "scenarios", now take place by voice command. With scenarios such as "I'm going out" or "I'm going to bed", devices are switched off and door and window contacts as well as motion sensors activated.

"With this expansion of Eco-Home, our customers now have significantly more options for controlling their own four walls more smartly, comfortably and securely", says Gerhard Faltner, Product Manager of Smart Site Systems for VERBUND Solutions, rejoicing in the successful integration of voice control.

Saving with a comfort factor

VERBUND Eco-Home, the easy-to-use smart home system, builds a bridge between the world of energy and one's own four walls. Eco-Home makes it possible to link actuators and sensors, making intelligent automation possible with just a few simple steps. With the aid of a multiple sensor which constantly measures the light in a room, lamps are controlled so that they automatically turn on at twilight. This is especially practical now in the autumn, when the days are rapidly growing shorter.

Live more independently and smarter with VERBUND smart living solutions

Telephones, cars, household and garden appliances are becoming ever smarter. But the houses or flats themselves generally have not been keeping pace with this trend. With a smart home for the energy future, VERBUND is proving the exact opposite. Generate solar electricity yourself with a photovoltaic system and also use it yourself, easily and efficiently, through a combination of battery storage, an electric car and an Eco-Home. This is what makes a smart home for the energy future so charming. You can go easy on both the household budget and the environment at the same time.

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