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Experience Smart Living for yourself now by visiting the VERBUND stand at the home-building exhibitions

The house building fairs in Graz, Vienna and Wels are an ideal venue for everyone interested in the topics of building, living and saving energy. Anyone who would like to make their house more efficient, smarter, more sustainable and safer will find great offers from VERBUND for photovoltaics, energy storage and intelligent control of all devices, now even by means of voice commands. Everything from a single source for a smart life in a green energy future.

Telephones, cars, household and garden appliances are growing ever smarter. VERBUND is now expanding this trend to include houses and flats. Generate solar electricity yourself with a photovoltaic system and use this electricity yourself, easily and efficiently, with a combination of battery storage, e-car and Eco-Home. This is the charm of smart living - plus it goes easy on both the household budget and the environment.

Finally someone at home obeys your every command

Automation in the household brings greater comfort and lowers energy usage. Eco-Home,VERBUND's smart home solution, is easy to use and makes it possible to link actuators and sensors, making intelligent automation possible with just a few easy steps. Now Eco-Home also communicates by means of Amazon Alexa - voice control is moving in at home. By means of voice commands, lamps are switched or dimmed, blinds controlled, and pre-defined scenarios are played out, without any remote control or mobile phone.

Store solar electricity and use it yourself

An average household uses between 10 and 15 kWh of electricity per day, mostly in the mornings and evenings. But solar electricity is mainly available at midday and in the afternoon. The solution is: Use the energy yourself, for example for charging the electric car, or store it correctly so that it is also available during times when the sun is not shining.

VERBUND fair highlights: sustainable and future-oriented

From electricity contracts to intelligent energy managers, from innovative smart home control systems to PV systems on the roof, from electricity storage in the cellar to private charging stations in the garage. A visit to the VERBUND stand at the fair is worthwhile for everyone who wants to use their energy in a smarter way.

Trade fair offers:

  • Special fair offers for photovoltaic systems, electricity storage and smart home systems
  • Higher feed-in tariff, guaranteed till the end of 2019
  • Switch now and get 5 months of free electricity & gas
  • Prize draw: 1 smart home system from VERBUND

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