CEUC Central European Ultra Charging: Next Generation Electro-Mobility Infrastructure for Europe


CEUC – Central European Ultra Charging is an innovation project which aims at deploying 118 High Power Chargers (HPC) in 7 EU Countries. Supported by the European Commission (CEF Connecting Europe Facility), five strong partners will build up a HPC network in Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania within the next years.

On 25 April 2018, as part of this year’s TEN-T Days in Ljubljana, Dirk Beckers, Director of Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, ceremoniously presented the subsidy agreement. This was an important step for starting the CEUC project. Under VERBUND’s leadership, the project partners ENEL X, OMV, GreenWay and SMATRICS will implement the project with a total project volume of more than EUR 65 million.

Over the next years, the consortium will establish 118 ultra-quick charging stations along TEN-T corridors and at urban hubs, in order to make a seamless charging network available to customers for long-distance mobility with e-cars. The partners will operate a compatible charging grid (with up to 350 kW) for long-distance and cross-border mobility in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia. In addition, transnational connections will be created to the most important urban hubs in Romania and Bulgaria.

The partners’ close cooperation will ensure boundless driving pleasure for e-drivers on trips through Central and Eastern Europe. This cooperation will be characterised by the use of equal standards, compatible technologies and interconnected IT systems.

Regarding charging technology, the ultra-quick charging network will meet the needs of the next generation of e-cars, while still being accessible for the electric cars already on the market today.

"With this project we are setting a milestone for electromobility in Austria and Central Europe", points out Wolfgang Anzengruber, Chairman of the Board of VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity company. "In doing so we are tying into successful existing e-mobility projects and increasing the density of the high-performance charging network in Austria and six other EU countries. With this we are achieving the vision of noise-free and exhaust-free private transport and the sustainable lowering of energy usage for a smarter electricity future in Austria and Europe."

The project team is made up of energy supply companies, local partners and e-mobility providers, and has extensive experience with the development, planning and operation of the charging infrastructure on a European level. The new ultra-quick charging network will ideally complement the partners’ already existing and planned network of quick and ultra-quick charging stations in the region.

Parallel to the signing of the subsidy agreement and the securing of financing by CEF, the consortium partners are already working on the establishment of a strong financial structure which will ensure the successful implementation of their strategies in Central and Eastern Europe.

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