Flooding on the Möll: VERBUND empties Rottau reservoir


Current flood level on the Möll at Kolbnitz triggers mandatory storage. Free flow of the Möll from tonight.

Due to the ongoing flooding on the Möll River in Upper Carinthia, the power plant operator VERBUND is currently lowering the Rottau reservoir to allow the river to flow through freely.
The Rottau reservoir on the Möll extends across the municipalities of Mühldorf and Kolbnitz and serves as a lower basin for pumping operations of the Malta Main Stage pumped storage power plant. When there is an excess of electricity in the grid, water can be taken from here and pumped to the Kölnbrein reservoir to store energy.

As predicted, the water carried by the Möll increased tenfold in just a few hours.

Due to the rapid rise in the water level of the Möll in the area of Kolbnitz, the VERBUND-Central Control Room Malta/Reißeck initiated the release of the reservoir at 5.00 pm today to allow the Möll to flow through freely. The authorities and authorised fishermen were informed about this officially sanctioned safety measure.
VERBUND will commence damming of the river again in the coming days only once the flood wave has passed. The Möll is currently flowing at rate of 152,000 litres per second in the area around Kolbnitz. This morning, it was just a tenth of the present figure.

Information about the VERBUND power plants on the Drava: www.verbund.com/drau


Robert Zechner

Spokesperson Region South

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