Inside information: VERBUND raises earnings forecast for 2018 due to positive non-recurring effects


Today, the Management of VERBUND AG announced an increase in earnings forecast for financial year 2018. As a result of positive non-recurring effects from impairment testing, VERBUND now expects a Group result of approximately €430 million for financial year 2018 (former forecast: approximately €340 million). The forecast for EBITDA and the Group result adjusted for non-recurring effects, which serves as the basis for calculating the dividend, remains unchanged at approximately €870 million and approximately €335 million respectively.


A favourable change in parameters in the energy market, primarily an increase in electricity price forecasts, caused these positive non-recurring effects from impairment testing. The resulting value increases concern hydropower in Austria and Germany and wind energy in Romania.


For financial year 2018, VERBUND plans a dividend payout ratio of between 40% and 45% of the Group result after adjusting for non-recurring effects.


Additional details will be provided upon the publication of 2018 annual results on 13 March 2019.


Andreas Wollein Andreas Wollein

Head of Group Finance, M&A and Investor Relations

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