VERBUND price adjustment of electricity and gas


As a consequence of rising wholesale prices, VERBUND is also adjusting the electricity and gas tariffs for household and business customers.

The European wholesale price for electricity is primarily influenced by the trend of rising primary energy prices for coal, oil and gas as well as the prices of CO2 certificates. Consequently, the market price for electricity has more than doubled in the last three years. The splitting of the power price zone between Germany and Austria on 1 October 2018 has further increased wholesale prices. The Austrian gas price index (ÖGPI) rose by almost 20% in 2018.

Due to these developments in the energy sector, VERBUND will also adjust its electricity and gas tariffs in the coming months: 
Overall costs (energy, grid, taxes and charges) will increase by an average of 9% for the electricity tariff and by 7.6% for the gas tariff. For a family of 4 living in Vienna with an annual average consumption of 3,500 kWh for electricity and 14,000 kWh for gas, that means an additional amount each month of approx. €4.90 (electricity) and approx. €5.90 (gas). Customers who disagree with this price adjustment can object to it in writing. In this case, the energy supply contract with VERBUND will expire after a period of several weeks. 
Ingun Metelko Ingun Metelko

Company Spokesperson

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