Electricity from the Danube: Altenwörth fully operational again

27.03.2020Zwentendorf, Kirchberg am Wagram

With an output of 2 billion kilowatt hours generated each year, the Danube power plant at Altenwörth is Austria’s biggest run-of-river power plant. Especially given the present situation, the constant availability of electricity and its stable generation from the Danube really matters. Despite the restrictions, VERBUND employees were able to successfully complete the annual maintenance.

Like every machine, turbines need regular maintenance. At run-of-river power plants, these overhauls take place in winter, when the rivers flow less. 
In difficult conditions, the VERBUND staff managed to complete the work this week. For safety reasons, the teams were divided up to minimise the risk of infection. Despite the “half-shifts”, corrosion protection, bearing inspections and other checks were continued in the empty turbine and the power plant returned to full operational readiness in time for the thaw. Each of the nine imposing turbines has a diameter of 6.5 metres and “swallows” 300,000 litres of Danube water per second. Thanks to the head of 13.9 metres, the power plant delivers an impressive output of 328 megawatts.

The Danube as the basis for Austria’s electricity supply

The stable endurance runners on the Danube are accorded special importance: 20% of Austria’s electricity requirement comes from the nine Danube power plants. That roughly corresponds to the consumption of every household in the country. VERBUND employees ensure safe operation around the clock. In addition to the generation of electricity, the output of the heavy turbines stabilises the grid. When wind and sun feed electricity into the grid quickly and occasionally erratically, the reliable frequency of hydropower dampens the effects. This makes disruption-free operation, which is ensured through careful maintenance, all the more important.

More about the power plant: www.verbund.com/altenwoerth



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