Heading towards the energy future with new apprentices

28.08.2020Ybbs, Persenbeug-Gottsdorf

A total of 26 apprentices, including 4 women, are starting their professional training at the Ybbs-Persenbeug training site this year. Hydropower is a symbol of stability and future opportunities, especially in times of crisis.

Despite extensive precautionary measures, VERBUND is not forgoing the festive presentation of the apprenticeship contracts this year at the Ybbs-Persenbeug training site. Of the 26 apprentices, 24 are embarking on the dual vocational training programme Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. 

Michael Amerer, managing director of VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, is also responsible for apprentice training at VERBUND and welcomed the budding power plant workers together with the guest of honour, deputy governor Stephan Pernkopf. 

“The domestic energy industry is a stable pillar of the country, especially in times of crisis. A reliable power supply, but also the urgently needed expansion of renewable energies, needs motivated and well-trained workers. Our modern training programme secures the basis for economic growth and the energy revolution,” said a confident Michael Amerer. 

“The apprenticeship training in Ybbs-Persenbeug is a prime example of how jobs can also be created through protecting the climate. Because the energy revolution and digitisation are taught here and put into actual practice! Lower Austria has been counting on 100 percent renewable energy for five years, and VERBUND is an important partner in this. We specifically protect the climate in this way and also create important employment opportunities, so-called Green Jobs. We currently already have around 40,000 Green Jobs in Lower Austria and the numbers are continuing to climb; in the coming years, we want to reach 50,000 such environmental jobs in Lower Austria,” says deputy governor Stephan Pernkopf.

The combination of practical orientation and digital, smart applications has been used in the VERBUND training sites for a few years already. Many years of experience with electronic teaching media noticeably simplified the training during the lockdown in the spring. Digitisation is making rapid advances in hydropower and demanding ever more sophisticated skills of the apprentices and trainers alike. 

Apprenticeships more attractive for women

Women are still under-represented in technical apprenticeships. VERBUND is making great efforts to increase the proportion of women. This year, four young women are starting their apprenticeship at Ybbs-Persenbeug, of whom three are power plant workers and one is a surveying engineer.  

Excellent results in the skilled worker exam

The success of our unique dual vocational training programme is reflected in the above-average success in the final apprenticeship examinations. Of the 31 examinations sat in this year’s dual apprenticeship in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, 17 passed with distinction.

Two professions, one apprenticeship

Starting out at VERBUND as an apprentice creates development opportunities for later on in professional life. The double apprenticeship forms a solid basis: in 4 years the future skilled workers are trained as electrical engineers and metal technicians. The apprentices are trained in the two apprentice workshops in Kaprun, Ybbs and Töging in Bavaria. The practical application of theoretical knowledge plays an important role here – preferably in one of the 131 VERBUND power plants. Other apprentices and experienced supervisors create a positive environment, which also includes joint leisure activities.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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