Decision to build the Mur power plant at Gratkorn


VERBUND and Energie Steiermark are investing in the expansion of renewable electricity generation: the municipal power plant at Gratkorn will be the most modern run-of-river power plant of its kind. The total investment runs to 62 million euros and represents a significant stimulus for the regional economy. Construction will commence in 2021, with initial operation to take place in 2024.

VERBUND and Energie Steiermark have just adopted the relevant resolutions for the construction of a new hydropower plant at Gratkorn, to the north of Graz. It covers the electricity needs of 15,000 households with renewable energy. Construction will commence in 2021, with initial operation of the Mur power plant scheduled to take place in 2024. 

“The Mur power plant Gratkorn is the latest joint venture project of VERBUND and Energie Steiermark, and will significantly boost the generation of renewable electricity in the Greater Graz region,” says Michael Strugl, Vice Chairman of the Board of VERBUND: “In just ten years’ time, all electricity generated in Austria should be one hundred percent renewable. The Mur power plant Gratkorn is an element for reaching this ambitious goal,” says Michael Strugl.

Climate protection project with economic impulse

The project with an investment volume of 62 million euros has already been approved by all conservation experts of the province and the federation in all aspects of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and will be implemented by both companies in a 50:50 partnership. 
“We see this economically very positive project as making a real contribution to reversing climate change and can use it to further expand our sustainability strategy,” according to the management duo of Energie Steiermark, Christian Purrer and Martin Graf. They continue: “Especially given the current coronavirus crisis, this investment represents a green employment boost for the regional economy and creates important impulses in the region.”
It is assumed that the bidding process will see most of the contracts awarded to Austrian companies. 

The Mur power plant feeds renewable electricity directly into the regional grid around the clock

Planning for the most modern hydropower plant of its kind started in 2008; the Mur power plant will have an output of 11 MW and generate about 54 million kWh of renewable, CO2-free electricity a year, which it will feed directly into the regional grid. 
When in operation, the power plant will cover the electricity needs of about 15,000 households with renewable energy from hydropower and thus avoid CO2 emissions amounting to 30,000 tonnes per year. 
In addition to a broad-based bundle of ecological supporting measures, the new hydropower plant will also improve flood defences for the neighbouring communities to the north of Graz. A new, additional bridge over the Mur in the vicinity of the power plant will be built for cyclists, pedestrians and recreational athletes and upgrade the leisure offering and cycle route network.


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Spokesperson Region South

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The planned Mur power plant at Gratkorn