Renovation of the Jettenbach-Töging power plant: delivery of the first generator component

08.04.2021Töging am Inn

An important milestone was reached with the delivery of the first component for one of the three generators that will generate electricity at the Töging power plant in the future. Project leader Bernhard Gerauer: “We now have the first component for the electrical equipment of the new power plant in Töging.”

The delivered component is the stator of the first generator in the new powerhouse. This is the fixed part, inside which the rotor will one day turn above the turbine, which is driven by the power of the water. One of the three identical generators will have an output of 55.0 MVA. 

The stator, which has a transport weight of around 100 tonnes and an external diameter of 8.20 metres, was delivered by special transport on the road from Heidenheim (Baden-Württemberg) to Töging am Inn. The delivery was originally scheduled for a later date, but had to be brought forward due to roadworks planned along the transport route. 

More electricity

In future, 3 machine sets comprising turbine and generator will provide an output of 118 megawatts at the Töging power plant. Around 700 million kilowatt hours of electricity should be generated annually. The additional generation of around 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year will support the attainment of the Bavarian energy target using electricity generated with domestic hydropower. This is green electricity, which can also advance other projects, such as the Bavarian hydrogen strategy. 

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Renovation of the Jettenbach-Töging power plant

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