Autumn campaign launched: the power of the transition


The campaign created with Heimat Wien and Peter Dirnberger positions the leading domestic company as the “power behind the transition”. The story of the world’s first woman marathon runner, Kathrine Switzer, serves as a role model for the first step that everyone has to take when making a transition.

In line with the new claim presented at the start of the year, the VERBUND campaign that gets under way in the autumn uses strong images and an impressive storyline to present the jointly developed positioning as "The power of the transition". "The goal of the campaign is to get people fired up about the energy transition and achieving the climate targets. No matter how big the contribution: you can always change something, you only have to do it. Starting from this position, our core message is this: when someone takes the first step, gives a signal – then everyone follows," says Corinna Tinkler, Director Communications at VERBUND, explaining the new campaign. As far as achieving the ambitious targets for a successful energy transition against the backdrop of climate change and its impacts is concerned, VERBUND would like to take the lead – and take Austria with it.
Pioneer Kathrine Switzer as a strong role model
"To convey the message in a credible way that has relevance for our lives, we have taken inspiration from the past. We sought a personality that embodies this spirit. A person that does not play by the rules. Someone who brought about the decisive transition in a seemingly inescapable situation. Catherine's story shows us that everyone has the power to change things. For us, that is the perfect metaphor for the energy transition that we now want to advance together," says Winnie Matzenauer, head of Brand Management and Advertising at VERBUND.

Switzer, who hails from the US, is now 74 years old and was the first woman to officially run a marathon in 1967 – despite the event being reserved for men in those days. Against all the odds, she finished the race and brought about the big transition for women in running worldwide. "Under the motto 'The power of the transition', we want to tell the stories of people who have change our world for the better, like Kathrine Switzer and the people who followed her. Because every transition begins with the first step," adds Markus Wieser, managing director of Heimat Wien. Peter Dirnberger summarises by saying, "We hope to generate movement with this campaign. Because knowing about the need for action and making clever speeches alone won't save our world."
A stirring campaign film, which tells Switzer's impressive story, was filmed in Prague in July. It forms the heart of the campaign, which is told further through compelling storytelling via all channels, from the online focal point on through to own content formats.

The campaign got under way on 20 September on TV, in print and online.
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