Charging instead of refuelling – new e-mobility offer from VERBUND


VERBUND launches e-mobility charging solution for companies and private individuals. With full-service packages for electromobility infrastructure, VERBUND now offers corporate and private customers the perfect solution for switching to e-mobility. In this way, VERBUND is supporting Austria on the path to zero-emission mobility and making an important contribution to the energy transition.

More than 24,000 electric cars were registered in Austria in the first nine months of 2021. Along with the interest in electric cars, there is also a growing need for charging options. For companies that want to electrify their fleet, offer their employees and visitors charging points on the company premises and improve their CO2 scorecard, VERBUND offers “totally carefree” charging infrastructure solutions with business charging. These solutions comprise the charging infrastructure with intelligent charge management, European roaming and reporting, billing service and station management with 24-hour hotline, operation and monitoring. This means companies avoid taking any technical or financial risk and get a tailored overall solution. The convenient plug-and-play solution makes the switch to zero-emission mobility incredibly easy and gives companies new ways of achieving zero-emission mobility and a clean image.

Green mobility – easy and tailored for everyone

VERBUND-eCharging is a complete charging package for charging at home and on the go. With the components “Charging at home”, “Charging on the go” and “All-round services”, private customers get everything they need to charge an e-car or plug-in hybrid from a convenient single source and for a fair price.

“With almost 100 percent electricity generation from renewables, VERBUND has been advancing the topic of electromobility for years. With our activities aimed at decarbonisation of the energy system, we are addressing the sector coupling of energy and transport, strengthening the economic location and making an important contribution to achieving the climate targets,” says VERBUND CEO Michael Strugl. “Electromobility is the key to sustainably reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of private transport. As a pioneer in the topic of green electricity, we are making electromobility as clean as possible. With the full-service offering, we now also offer the infrastructure in addition to the carbon-neutral energy.”

VERBUND thus rounds out the offering and positions itself as a complete provider for all aspects of energy and sustainability. Apart from electricity, gas, photovoltaics and storage, customers now also benefit from VERBUND’s expertise in e-mobility and enjoy all the advantages of sustainable locomotion.

The technical implementation partner for both products – both for companies and private customers – is the e-mobility provider SMATRICS, which operates a comprehensive charging network of more than 500 charging points across Austria. The electricity for this comes from VERBUND and is 100 percent green.

VERBUND has been intensively engaged in electromobility for more than 10 years. As Austria’s leading energy company with 97% of electricity generation from renewables, VERBUND sees the future of mobility in the networking of non-motorised mobility, public transport and zero-emission propulsion on the basis of renewable energies. Together with partners from research and industry, VERBUND is developing infrastructure and concrete applications suitable for everyday use. The focus here is on decarbonising the energy system through coupling of the energy and transport sectors, in order to achieve the Austrian and international climate targets.

Ingun Metelko Ingun Metelko

Company Spokesperson

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